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Dr. White's Psychology Class-

Write one paragraph that addresses these items:
-The job you want
-The amount of education you are willing to undertake
-The salary you want
-The job location
-Type of apartment (2 bedroom 2 bath, etc.)
-The work schedule you want (8-5/7-3, etc.)
-What specific resources are you going to use to find that job

  Do a monthly budget of cost:
1.  Figure out you income and expenses
2.  Monthly Income:
Look at your salary and multiple it by .65.  Take this number and divide it by 12.  This will give you your monthly income.
-Any part-time work; Bonus, etc. (divide by 12)
*Add the salary and any other  income together and that gives you your monthly income

3.  Monthly Expenses:

-examples include rent, utilities, car payment, school loans, credit cards, cell phone, social fund, etc.

4. Net Monthly Total:
-subtract your monthly expense total from your monthly income total and that gives you your monthly net total  (must be positive)

We will discuss this in class.

"Celebrity Quiz"

Click here to start the quiz.  Good luck!

Psychology Career Information Packet

Job Resources:
Specific Sites:
Social Services.com
Mental Health Jobs in DC-Jobster
MD Department of Juvenile Justice Job Site (example of one)
Sheppard Pratt Facility-(Another example)
Mental Health Treatment Centers in US

Click here for Psychology Job Resources-(from SU Career Services)

First Destination Survey
-Do Table 19, 14

Help for Finding Internships in the Psychology field for SU Undergraduates

Internship Index-Internship Resource Sites for Fulton School
Click on Psychology.

Internship Alerts-Email notices sent to YOU weekly during your Junior Year. 

General Guidelines for Locating and Applying for Internships

Help for Finding Graduate Schools in the Psychology fields for SU Undergraduates

Graduate School Index

Finding a Graduate School

Some Popular Psychology graduate school sites include:
Ranking of U.S. Psychology Ph.D. Programs 
Ranking of Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs
All Psychology Schools
Applying and Succeeding in Psychology Grad School


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