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President's Advisory Team-Career Services

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Highlights-First Destination Survey-2014 May Graduates

Job Fairs
*SPRING 2015
-108 employers attended (Most ever!)
-19 sponsors
-549 total people attended
-343 students pre-registered
*SPRING 2014
-80 employers attended
-19 sponsors
-490 people attended
-275 people pre-registered
*Summer 2015 Job Fair- 62 employers-Most ever!-Sponsorship dollars = $9,100.00 - 490 people attended

Career Services Outreach:
-638 full-time jobs posted between Sept. 1, 2014 and March 25, 2015
-271 internships posted between Sept. 1, 2014 and March 25, 2015
-236 part-time jobs posted between Sept. 1, 2014 and March 25, 2015
-52 companies have done on-campus interviews
-1501 one-on-one student appointments this year
-1221 students registered to receive our text messages

First Destination Survey-May 2014 Graduates:
*Initial Survey- 1107 students completed the survey 2 weeks prior to graduation. There were a total of 1472 students that graduated May 2014. This is a 75.2% response rate.
*6-8 Months Out Survey- 665 of the 1107 students that initially completed survey for a 60.07% response rate. This is up from 15% in 2014.
69.77% of the students 6-8 months out are either working full-time in their field or going to graduate school full or part-time. (57.74% working full-time/12.03% going to graduate school full or part-time).
*According to NACE national average, 52.9 percent employed full time 6 months out.

Salary-6-8 Months Out:
*Average salary for all SU graduates- $42,395.93
*Sample Majors: -Accounting-$52,587.85 -Computer Science-$52,750.00 -Nursing-$50,612.33 -Info Systems-$50,500.00 -Marketing-$45,384.62 -Management-$44,666.67 -Respiratory Therapy-$44,628.50 -Biology-$42,500.00 -Social Work (MSW)-$41,095.40

Employment Location by State:
California 1.56
Colorado 0.52
DC 3.13
Delaware 2.6
Florida 1.04
Illinois 0.26
Maryland 71.09
Maine 0.26
North Carolina 0.52
New Jersey 1.3
New York 0.78
Pennsylvania 1.04
Tennessee 0.26
Texas 0.52
Virginia 3.39
International 0.52
Unspecified 0

First Destination Survey-Internships:
*Overall 57.44% of students did an internship while at SU.
*38.05% of the graduates said they did 1 internship.
*15.49% of the graduates said they did 2 internships.

*Graduate School Office -New Graduate Assistant-Duties-Grad School Job Alerts, Graduate School Workshops, Graduate School Networking Nights, Grad School Website
*Alumni Office -Meet monthly-Job fair brunch
*Perdue School -Satellite Appointments

New Initiatives:
-Environmental Studies/Biology- 7 employers
-Honors Program
-Duke Medical Center-Professor Herman Staats
*FEDERAL EMPLOYER PANEL- 6 agencies-102 students
*RECRUITER-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM- Employers review student resumes and do mock interviews one day per week.

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