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Management 320


Resume Quiz:____________

First I need to understand what you know about resumes and what you do not know.  Please take out a piece of paper and pencil and number it from 1-10.  Please make sure your name is on it.  Click here for the quiz.

Each student has his/her resume with constructive comments. 
-I want you to exchange your resume with the  person to your right.
-Each of you are now professors
-Give each other feedback from the comments.  That person is now the teacher. 


We will take a look at some resumes that have been completed here at SU. You tell me if you like them or not>
Resume # 1
Resume # 2
Resume #3
Resume #4
Resume #5

-Click here for the 9 Worst Resume Mistakes-from Forbes
-First some Do's and Don't's-click here 

I found some KEYWORDS in my profession that you can view by linking here.

Keyword examples are:

Evaluate their abilities, promote academics, advocate for students, career, personal, and social development of children and youths, use interviews, counseling sessions, personal and career problems, interest and aptitude assessment tests, social and developmental skills, life skills, drug prevention, job search skills, resume writing, interviewing techniques, emotional and development needs, counsel individuals who are addicted to drugs, rehabilitation, vocational counseling, National Certified Counselor.

Click here for resume videos

 Resume Format___________

1.  CONTACT INFORMATION (Your Banner):___
-Name-14/16 font-address, city state zip, email phone-12 font
-Current and permanent addresses can be used
-Can use one line format to cut down space
-Click here for example.

2.  OBJECTIVES:______________________

-Discuss a Job Objective.  Your objective must be short and specific to the job description.    

 Is this a good or bad objective??
-“While I am open to any uses of my educational achievements, I am decidedly disposed that the task of the new career-related responsibility be so oriented as to at least partially address or configure and  to ultimately lead to the application of more rarefied and challenging facets of financial management as the major sphere of the responsibility of the stated position.”

Job Advertisement:
The Director, Career Center directs the administration of career placement/development programs and works in conjunction with academic departments to establish and enhance student internships and cooperative education programs. Responsibilities include managing the administrative policies, developing employer site and student marketing, being the primary liaison with employers, academic department heads, faculty site supervisors, students and administration, being knowledgeable of related legal issues and monitoring the University's compliance; managing department personnel by staffing, supervising, training and reviewing performance; directing on and off-campus recruiting programs including staff training and marketing to students and employers; maintaining primary responsibility for the University's career and internship fairs, including consortium relations; performing career counseling and job placement advising; representing the University at professional conferences; making career-related presentations to University and community organizations; participating in University committees as assigned and appropriate; overseeing the administration of the Student Employment Program; serving as co-chair and maintaining the Employer Advisory Board and related projects; preparing University wide and departmental summary reports and outcomes assessment; ensuring the availability of appropriate technical and library resources and assessment tools; and related duties as assigned. This position may require evening and weekend responsibilities.

Qualifications: Master's degree in Student Personnel Services, Student Affairs, Counseling, Business Administration, Human Resources, or a related field required; minimum of 5 years of work experience as a manager or director in recruitment and/or placement, preferably in a higher education environment; must be customer service oriented; possess strong verbal and written communication skills; must have the ability to enhance the use of technology in meeting department and student needs; and must present evidence of successful leadership in career services or a related field.

To obtain the Director of the Career Center at Robert Morris University to utilize my 15 plus years of experience in Career Services and to utilize my extensive knowledge of career-related technology

-Click here for examples of Objectives.  Write your objective.

3.  EDUCATION:_________________________
-List your most recent degree first.  List your degree, major, gpa (if over 3.0 both overall and in major), and university, city and state.  Date of graduation should be on the right across from degree.
-You can also list your school-Fulton, Perdue, Henson, Seidel if you choose too.
-Any certifications can be listed.
-Finally you can list Relevant Courses in this section or create a separate functional section for them.

-Click here for Education Examples.  Write your Education section.

4.  RELEVANT COURSEWORK:_________________
List Relevant Coursework only if it directly relates to the job.  If you have other entries that are more important, use them.  Those other entries could be internships, volunteer work, related experience, awards, activities, etc.   Also you could list this section within the Education section. If you choose to use this section you can do it in 2 ways. 
1. Simply list the classes in a column format
2. List to or three courses and describe them.  Make the title of the course stand out and use action verbs in your descriptions.
-Click here for Relevant Coursework examples.  Write your Related Coursework.

-List any study abroad experience in a section by itself or within the Education Section.  Same with Foreign Languages.
-Click here for Study Abroad-Languages Examples.  Write your Study Abroad Experiences.

-Related Experience-Should be title first and title stands out-use action verbs.  Do a bulleted list or a wrap-a-round format.
-Work Experience-Same as above
-Volunteer Experience-Same as above
-Professional Experience-Same
-Click here for Experience Examples.  Write your Experience section.

7.  HONORS/ACTIVITIES/________________
-Use this section to highlight any other areas that may be important to the job.  Titles to this section could be:
*Volunteer Work
*Community Services
*Certificates Earned
Click here for Honors-Activities-Volunteer Examples.  Write your Honors, etc.

Click here.  Click here.  Click here-For excellent sample resumes.

Examples of a Good Business Resumes

-Click here for a good example
here for a good example
here for a good example

-Also there are 10 Resume Questions.  Click here for those questions.

Click here for resume pages

Click here for eRecruiting

Click here to Make an Appointment

Click here for office hours

Click here for jobs

Click here for internships

Click here for Graduate School

Click here for cover letter information

Thanks for having me!


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