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"How to Approach a Job Fair" power point.  Click here for pp.

Write 30 second commercial-need an employer

Click here for practice commercial 




Endicott's 8 Job Fair Tips:

1.  Select
10 employers you are interested in from this link.  Write those employers down and write down beside them why you are interested in them. Know where they are located in the room.

2.  Research your top employers-What do they do? Who are their customers? What recent press coverage can you find that touches on issues they face or trends in their industries? What types of positions are they seeking to fill, and how do you fit in?

Write a One-Minute Job Fair Commercial.  I want you to memorize your commercial.  Your commercial should consist of:
►Introduce yourself by telling your name,. grade level and major
►Some information you know about their organization-show that you have done research
►Explain how interested you are in their organization and what skills you have to offer
►Tell them a little bit about what you know related to their positions
►Ask for their feedback

My Commercial:
"Hi I am Charlie Endicott and I am a senior psychology major here at Salisbury University.  I did an extensive amount of research on your organization and I am really excited about the possibility of a career with xxxxxx.  I noticed in my research that you have career opportunities for outdoor counselors and that is a career area I have always been interested in.  Through my academic studies and research I have a very solid understanding of the importance of outdoor therapy and the role it plays in young people making a full recovery.  Could you please tell me more about this opportunity and also what would be the best way for me to apply for such an outstanding position?"
Additional Questions:
1.  Could you look at my resume and give me some comments?
2.  How did you become interested in a career with??
3.  Are there training programs available for new employees?
4.  How can I make myself the most qualified for your position openings?
5.  What do you like the most about working for XXXX?
6.  What are some of the most desirable skills you are looking for?
7.  Do you think I would qualify for the position openings at this time?
8.  Are there opportunities for advancement within your organization?
9.  What do you thing is the most important thing for a new hire to do within your company?
10. What are the most important skills you are looking for?

More job fair questions - Click here for possible questions to ask the employer.

4.  Have a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. Let employers know how serious you are. Greet the employer with a firm handshake, and maintain eye contact throughout your conversation. Showing interest and good manners is important, regardless of the type of job you are looking for. Every employer appreciates someone who is dedicated, conscientious, and attentive.  Get their business card.

5.  Talk about what you can do for them. How do your skills and experience help them address a business need? Insofar as you are able to, know what's important to them, and tell about a prior experience or accomplishment that relates to that.

6.  Put your best foot forward.
First impressions count. Wear your best business attire.

7.  Bring an ample supply of resumes and business cards. Make sure your resume is perfect - no typos or other bloopers

8.  Follow up within 24 hours. "This is critical. Bear in mind that these recruiters will have met many students that day, so you need to help them remember you.  Click here for a link to the Thank You Letter.

-Click here (handout-word) for Job Fair Tips and here (another website).
Role play approaching a Recruiter at the job fair.  One person will be the student and one or two will be the recruiters.  Each person must have his/her commercial ready and 10 questions.  You will have 15 minutes to get ready for this. 

How to dress or not to dress for a job fair

What you should wear?
-Click here

What should you NOT wear?
-Click here for examples of what I have seen at a job fair in recent years.

-Click here for past job fair pictures


What NOT to do at a Job Fair:

1) Never attend without a resume

2) Please donít hand out a resume with errors/misspellings

3) If youíre not dressed for the part, donít go. Remember, this is an interview

4) Approaching employers/booths when it is overcrowded Ė youíll never stand out Ė wait until they are less busy

5) Donít drop off and run Ė avoid the urge to simply hand out as many resumes as you can Ė that isnít the goal. Make sure you take the time to talk to the employers, ask questions and appear genuinely interested and not just another company on the receiving end of your resume rampage.


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