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Resume Writing and Using Greek Life Experiences


-Click here for resume mistakes

Good or Bad?

1. Resume 7. Resume 13. Resume 19. Resume
2. Resume 8. Resume 14. Resume 20. Resume
3. Resume 9. Resume 15. Resume 21. Resume
4. Resume+ 10. Resume+ 16. Resume 22. Resume
5. Resume 11. Resume+ 17. Resume+ 23. Resume+
6. Resume 12. Resume- 18. Resume 24. Resume

Resume Quiz

First I need to understand what you know about resumes and what you do not know.  Please take out a piece of paper and pencil and number it from 1-10.  Please make sure your name is on it.  Click here for the quiz.

How to highlight Greek experience on your resume-Go over these extensively     

  • Click here for Greek sample resume     
  • Click here for Greek sample resume 2
  • Click here for excellent resume

Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

• Write your resume to the job-show them you have the qualifications for the job
• For most recent college grads keep your resume to one page
• Use one inch margins on the sides, top and bottom. Do NOT deviate from this
• Use a light colored resume paper
• Use 12 font throughout your resume unless space becomes an issue. Consult a Career Advisor if you are close to one page and do not want to remove any of your entries
• Always use a 12 font and bold for your “Functional Titles”-Example-Education, Related Experience, Honors, etc.
• Make your name stands out by being a larger font than anything else on your resume-typically a 14-16 font.
• Always use action verbs to begin your entries and keywords to identify skills
• Make sure you select one type of resume-either a Chronological, Skills or Combination (use a skills summary at the beginning)
• If you use an objective statement make sure it is short and very specific
• Typically in the Experience section you will lead with your job title
• Be specific and list accomplishments-“Increased productivity by 20%....”
• All dates are right justified/Single space the body of the resume

• Do not make any spelling errors
• Do not use too many indentations
• Do not write a “long-winded” objective
• Do not use an under-utilized font - common fonts are include Arial, Book Antiqua, Century Schoolbook, Garamond, Tahoma, Times New Roman and Verdana
• Never exceed 2 pages unless it is a federal resume
• Do not list classes or class descriptions unless they are relevant to your job/internship
• Never use “I”, “me” or “my” and never write in sentence form
• Do not list references on your resume-do that on a reference page


Important Links

-Resume page

-Action Verbs

Resume Power Point-Click here


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