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Good-Bad Cover Letters

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Good-Bad Cover Letter?

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Now it is time to see if you are as good as think you are when it comes to evaluating cover letters.  Listed below are cover letters that have been selected at random.  Some of them are very good and some of them are very poor.  Make your choices carefully.  You will be given feedback on each choice.
►Click on each cover letter link below.  When you click on that link a web-based resume will open.
►Look at that cover letter closely and determine if you think it is good or bad and why.
►At the bottom of the page on each cover letter you will find the links that says "Click Here if you think this is a GOOD Cover Letter or Click Here if you think this is a BAD Cover Letter."
►Once you have made your decision if it is good or bad, click on that link.
►You will then arrive at the answer page that will tell you if you are correct in your selection and why.  There will also be a link back to this page to move on to the next resume.
Good luck and choose carefully!  Below are the Cover Letters.
Cover Letter #1
Cover Letter #2
Cover Letter #3
Cover Letter #4

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