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Dr. Wayne Deckers Class

Job Search Resources

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Job Search/Interviewing Tips-Management

What: Management 425/320 Classes
Date/Time: Oct. 13th- MGMT 425: 11:00-12:15/MGMT 425: 2:00-3:15
Faculty: Dr. Wayne Decker
Topic:  320-Resumes/425-Job Search
Location: Career Center Classroom

 Secrets of a Sophisticated Job Seeker!

1.  Know who you are and what you want-Assessments/mentors/shadow/internships

2.  Get Organized-
- Create your resume and cover letter.
- Line up your references.
- Create a record via a spreadsheet of who you contact when.  The rule of thumb is if they have not contacted you in 10 days to 2 weeks, it is up to you to contact them.

3.  Do your research-Know the company, who are they, what is their product, who are their customers and their competitors, their mission, current news/press releases, annual report, what type of employee are they looking for, etc.  Research the occupations you are consideringGo here to do so.

5.  Do Your Online Job Search-The on-line job search consists of large job search sites as well as industry specific websites. Start small (Purchase JobScore, Industry Specific Sites, Professional Association sites) and then progress to broader job search sites. Follow-up with a phone call or email if possible. Start with the Career Services site-click here

6.  Professional Associations and LinkedIn Groups
Associations-Click here

7.  Job Fairs-We have 5 per year.  Click here for the next job fair.

8.  Use Career Services and Faculty.

Extra Tips:
• Read the job description/qualifications carefully.
If you feel you have 80% of the skills required in the job description, then go for the job. If you have some experience, but not quite what is asked for, though you have all of the skills required, go for it.
Do not apply if a description is saying you “must” have a skill or experience that you do not have.
• Those students who are proactive and prepared will more likely have an easier time locating employment.
Follow up, and follow up again - be persistent but professional in all your communications with potential employers.
If you are not getting interviews, be sure to keep in touch, regroup and ask for help. If a strategy isn’t successful, you may need to reevaluate and plan accordingly.
Be positive! Though it is a JOB to find a JOB... with a positive attitude, good plan, and a strong approach, you can be successful in landing one, even in a challenging job market.


 Show Career Connections and how to register for an interview
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Interviewing for a Job!

Click here for Interviewing PP

Click here for Career Services Interviewing Page

Sample behavior-based interview questions:
-Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to see things your way.
-Describe an instance when you had to think on your feet to extricate yourself from a problem.
-Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem.
-By providing examples, convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and environments.
-Describe a time on any job that you held in which you were faced with problems or stresses that tested your coping skills.
-Give an example of a time in which you had to be relatively quick in coming to a decision.
-Tell me about a time in which you had to use your written communication skills in order to get an important point across.
-Give me a specific occasion in which you conformed to a policy with which you did not agree.
-Give me an example of an important goal which you had set in the past and tell me about your success in reaching it.
-Describe the most significant or creative presentation which you have had to complete.
-Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done.
-Give me an example of a time when you were able to successfully communicate with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you (or vice versa).

Job Search Resources click here


Writing Resumes - Management

Dr. Wayne Decker's MGMT 320 Class

Feb. 17th- MGMT 320: 9:30-10:45

Faculty: Dr. Wayne Decker
Topic: 320-Resumes
Location: Career Center Classroom
Presenter: Charlie Endicott

Click here for Resume power point

Click here for Career Services Resume Resources

Click here for classic math resume

Click here for resume video


Now that you all are experts, tell me the good from the bad.

Show good and bad resume examples

Good or Bad Resumes
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here
-Click here

Are these good or bad objectives??
-To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.
-“Seeking a project management position with leadership responsibilities including problem solving, planning, organizing and managing budgets.”

-Obtain a position at XYZ Company where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.

-To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of finance.

-To secure a management position where I can effectively utilize my expertise in human relations, project management, and staff recruitment and retention.

-While I am open to any uses of my educational achievements, I am decidedly disposed that the task of the new career-related responsibility be so oriented as to at least partially address or configure and to ultimately lead to the application of more rarefied and challenging facets of financial management as the major sphere of the responsibility of the stated position.
-To continue my career with an organization that will utilize my MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISION & ADMINISTRATIVE skills to benefit mutual growth and success.

Click here for "Why Resumes are Rejected" infographic
Video Resumes:

Click here for examples of video resumes

Show video resume

Click here for sample social resumes on Career Cloud or you can use Word Press-click here to create our social, web-based resume. 


You can use software programs like Smart Resume Wizard or My Perfect Resumes to build a video resume

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