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CMAT 308 -Dr. Egan's Winter Term Class-Cover Letters and Resumes

January, 2010
134 FH


The Do's

  • Write your resume to the job-show them you have the qualifications for the job
  • For most recent college grads keep your resume to one page
  • Use one inch margins on the sides, top and bottom. Do NOT deviate from this
  • Use a light colored resume paper
  • Use 12 font throughout your resume unless space becomes an issue. Consult a Career Advisor if you are close to one page and do not want to remove any of your entries
  • Always use a 12 font and bold for your “Functional Titles”-Example-Education, Related Experience, Honors, etc.
  • Make your name stands out by being a larger font than anything else on your resume-typically a 14-16 font.
  • Always use action verbs to begin your entries and keywords to identify skills
  • Make sure you select one type of resume-either a Chronological, Skills or Combination (use a skills summary at the beginning)
  • If you use an objective statement make sure it is short and very specific
  • Typically in the Experience section you will lead with your job title
  • Be specific and list accomplishments-“Increased productivity by 20%....”
  • All dates are right justified/Single space the body of the resume

The Don'ts

  • Do not make any spelling errors
  • Do not use too many indentations
  • Do not write a “long-winded” objective
  • Do not use an under-utilized font - common fonts are include Arial, Book Antiqua, Century Schoolbook, Garamond, Tahoma, Times New Roman and Verdana
  • Never exceed 2 pages unless it is a federal resume
  • Do not list classes or class descriptions unless they are relevant to your job/internship
  • Never use “I”, “me” or “my” and never write in sentence form
  • Do not list references on your resume-do that on a reference page

Section by Section:


-Name-14 font-address, city state zip, email phone-12 font
-Current and permanent addresses can be used
-Can use one line format to cut down space
-Click here for example.


Write your objective to the job and make it short and specific.

Is this a good or bad objective?

“While I am open to any uses of my educational achievements, I am decidedly disposed that the task of the new responsibility be so oriented as to at least partially configure so as to ultimately lead to the application of more rarefied facets of financial management as the major sphere of responsibility.”

Job Advertisement:

The Director, Career Center directs the administration of career placement/development programs and works in conjunction with academic departments to establish and enhance student internships and cooperative education programs. Responsibilities include managing the administrative policies, developing employer site and student marketing, being the primary liaison with employers, academic department heads, faculty site supervisors, students and administration, being knowledgeable of related legal issues and monitoring the University's compliance; managing department personnel by staffing, supervising, training and reviewing performance; directing on and off-campus recruiting programs including staff training and marketing to students and employers; maintaining primary responsibility for the University's career and internship fairs, including consortium relations; performing career counseling and job placement advising; representing the University at professional conferences; making career-related presentations to University and community organizations; participating in University committees as assigned and appropriate; overseeing the administration of the Student Employment Program; serving as co-chair and maintaining the Employer Advisory Board and related projects; preparing University wide and departmental summary reports and outcomes assessment; ensuring the availability of appropriate technical and library resources and assessment tools; and related duties as assigned. This position may require evening and weekend responsibilities.


Master's degree in Student Personnel Services, Student Affairs, Counseling, Business Administration, Human Resources, or a related field required; minimum of 5 years of work experience as a manager or director in recruitment and/or placement, preferably in a higher education environment; must be customer service oriented; possess strong verbal and written communication skills; must have the ability to enhance the use of technology in meeting department and student needs; and must present evidence of successful leadership in career services or a related field.


Objective: To obtain the Director of the Career Center at Robert Morris University to utilize my 10 plus years of experience in Career Services and to continue to be on the cutting edge of career technology

-Click here for examples of Objectives.


-List your most recent degree first.  List your degree, major, gpa (if over 3.0 both overall and in major), date and university, city and state. 
-You can also list your school-Fulton, Perdue, Henson, Seidel if you choose too.
-Any certifications can be listed.
-Finally you can list Relevant Courses in this section or create a separate functional section for them.

-Click here for Education Examples. 

4.  RELEVANT COURSEWORK:_________________________
-List Relevant Coursework only if it directly relates to the job.  If you have other entries that are more important, use them.  Those other entries could be internships, volunteer work, related experience, awards, activities, etc.   Also you could list this section within the Education section. If you choose to use this section you can do it in 2 ways. 
1. Simply list the classes in a column format
2. List to or three courses and describe them.  Make the title of the course stand out and use action verbs in your descriptions.
here for Relevant Coursework examples. 


-List any study abroad experience in a section by itself or within the Education Section.  Same with Foreign Languages.
here for Study Abroad-Languages Examples. 

-Related Experience-Should be title first and title stands out-use action verbs.  Do a bulleted list or a wrap-a-round format.
-Work Experience-Same as above
-Volunteer Experience-Same as above
here for Experience Examples. 

7.  HONORS/ACTIVITIES/_______________________________
-Use this section to highlight any other areas that may be important to the job.  Titles to this section could be:
*Volunteer Work
*Community Services
*Certificates Earned
here for Honors-Activities-Volunteer Examples.

RESUME EXAMPLES:__________________________________

I will show you each of the resumes below.  Determine if they are good or bad and why. Select a spokesperson who will record why or why not each resume is good or bad.  All members of the group will participate.

1. Resume. 7. Resume 13. Resume 19. Resume
2. Resume. 8. Resume 14. Resume. 20. Resume.
3. Resume 9. Resume 15. Resume 21. Resume
4. Resume. 10. Resume. 16. Resume. 22. Resume
5. Resume 11. Resume. 17. Resume. 23. Resume.
6. Resume. 12. Resume 18. Resume 24. Resume

Use these formats for YOUR resume- Click here. Click here. Click here.

Cover Letters:

The Do's:

-One page only
-12 font typical
-No less than 10 font
-Four paragraphs
-Address to individual if  possible
-Be excited and unique
-Speak to the requirements of the job
-Tell employer how you can meet their needs
-Be positive
-First paragraph tell where you found the job and what makes you a good fit for it.
"I am responding to your advertisement on for the Events Coordinator-Federal Events Division position posted on December 1, 2009. My educational experience and eagerness to succeed provides the foundation necessary to be successful with National Conference Services, Inc. I strongly believe that I meet the qualifications for the position and would like to submit my name for consideration as a candidate."
-Second and Third paragraphs are your "core" paragraphs.  You must tell them what about yourself is going to make them want to hire you.  These paragraphs will come from your resume but do NOT REPEAT what you have said on your resume. 
"In addition to the support skills that I have obtained through work experience, I have also gained extensive organizational and leadership skills as the President of Lambda Pi Eta, an honorary society for Communications students. During my tenure I led this organization to more than double in size, increase community involvement, develop service learning projects and plan successful fundraising events. Furthermore, being selected by the Admissions Office to be a University Host gave me the chance to work with prospective students and their families one-on-one. These experiences taught me that there are a multitude of ways to approach issues and that everyone's opinions are important."
-Fourth Paragraph-Summary.  Tell them once again how interested you are and how much you look forward to meeting them.  If you are so bold, tell them you will call for an interview.  THANK THEM.
"In conclusion, I would like to again express my sincere wish to return to Salisbury University. The opportunity to apply my experience and energies with the Office of New Student Experience is exciting to say the least. I welcome the chance to meet with you in the near future to further discuss my qualifications. Please contact me at your convenience at the number or email listed above. Thank you for your time and consideration."

The Don'ts
-Do not go over one page
-Do not forget to sign
-Don't repeat your resume
-Don't address "To Whom it May Concern"
-No spelling or grammatical errors
-Do not use the same cover letter for each job

Click here for a  Template.  This is a block format. 
Click here for another cover letter template that is acceptable.  This one is called a resume banner cover letter.  Use either template for your Cover Letter.

Click here for sample cover letters by major. 

Click here for Cover Letter PP.

Tell me which of the following are good or bad cover letters.
Social Work.

Click here for the best cover letter even written!

Click here for this website that provides you with a wealth of information about cover letters.  We will go over some of these.

Click here to see what you do with salary requests.

Click here for an example of a good cover letter. 

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