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SU Portfolio

Showcase Your Skills with the SU Portfolio!

Getting in front of employers and expressing how valuable you are on just a piece of paper is a challenge, no matter what career you're planning to pursue after college. There's so much more to showcasing your skills, talents and experiences.

Through our partner Experience/eRecruiting, Salisbury University is pleased to introduce the SU Portfolio. The Portfolio provides a way for you to go beyond your resume to recount personal experiences, define accomplishments and upload files and work samples that demonstrate the qualities and skills that a standard resume just can't. Here's your opportunity to let your true personality shine.

There are a multitude of benefits for any type of student, of any major. For juniors and seniors, this is a great and easy way to compile all of your information and keep track of it as you really begin the job search process. As a freshman or a sophomore you can start gathering all of your unique experiences early so that when the time comes to begin preparing for life after college, you're two steps ahead of everybody else.

You can share your SU Portfolio with your career center, mentors, professors and potential employers. In your portfolio, you'll find 4 main components - Profile, Resume, Experiences and References.

  • Profile: keep your contact information and career interests here
  • Resume: searchable by employers, it incorporates your work history, education, organizations, skills, and certifications
  • Experiences: talk about internships, expand on items in your resume and other notable things you've done that really show off your talents and your personality
  • References: have your references ready should an employer ask for them

Preparing for your career is hard but exciting work, so the more tools you have at your disposal the better. We encourage you to get started in creating a Portfolio so you can manage your job search process with ease and connect with the right employer for you!

How Do I Create This SU Portfolio?

  • Login here and walk through these steps:
  • Log in at above site-your login instructions are on the left side of the page (if you have never logged in you will come to two profile pages to complete)
  • Once you are at the home page (you will see the Sammy Seagull image and a large SU image)go to the top of the page and place your mouse over the "Portfolio" link-do not click on it
  • A drop-down will then appear and you will click on the first item n the drop-down titled "Profile"
  • This is your starting point-everything else is very easy to navigate. You will see the four tabs at the top of the page. Follow the tabs top build your Portfolio


I have My Portfolio Built. Now What?

The four sections are about building your portfolio but how do you get someone like an employer to view it? The steps are:

  • Login and click on Portfolio at the top of the page
  • Under My Portfolio you will see a link that says "Create Shared View"- click on it.
  • You will then be able to fill in anyone, any employer, any professor, etc. who you will want to look at your portfolio. You can also choose templates that are different and quite nice.
  • Once you have completed the Shared View of the people you want to see it, you will see their name/s under "Create Shared View."
  • Each person will have many links under their names but to send access to your portfolio to them click on "Share"
  • You will arrive at a page that asks for that person's email address, how many days you want to "share" your Portfolio and a place to select an email or write your own. Then click "Send."
  • The person will then receive an email from you that says something similar to this. The email provides a link to your SU Portfolio:


Since I value your opinion, I'd love it if you'd take a look at my Career Portfolio that I've linked to below. It's a comprehensive tool that I will eventually send out to employers to help illustrate both my intangible qualities in the Experiences section and my skills and interests in the Resume section. I'd love your feedback after you review it. Thanks for your time.

Russell Endicott

Please click the link below to view my Career Portfolio.

Number of days to view is: 30

  • Once they click on this link they will be brought to a very professionally created electronic portfolio with all the information you completed about the four sections.
  • You can also "Track" what has activity there has been with your Portfolio
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