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"Other" Career-Related Emails

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Job Related Email:

  • Introduction to Employer Email [PDF]
  • Prospecting Email for Employment [PDF]
  • Follow-Up On Job Application Email [PDF]
  • Job Interview Thank You Email [PDF]
  • Withdraw from a Job Search Email [PDF]
  • Decline a Job Offer Email [PDF]
  • Acceptance Email For a Job  [PDF]

Career Connections Email:

  • Career Connections Prospecting For an Internship Email [PDF]
  • Career Connections Prospecting For a Job Email [PDF]

Mentor Email:

  • Mentee Email for Employment [PDF]
  • Mentee Email for Internship [PDF]
  • Mentee Email About Internships Opportunities [PDF]
  • Mentee Email Request for Career Insight [PDF]
  • Mentee Email Request for General Networking Advice [PDF]
  • Mentee Thank You for Career Information Email [PDF]
  • Mentee Thank You for Employment Email [PDF]

Questions You May Want To Ask:

Internship Related Email:

  • Email Inquiry About Internship Opportunities  [PDF]
  • Student Email to Mentors About Internships Opportunities [PDF]
  • Follow-Up Email for Telephone Internship Inquiry [PDF]
  • Follow-Up Email After Sending All Materials       [PDF]
  • Follow-Up Email for Personal Contact Session for an Internship [PDF]
  • Withdraw from an Internship Email [PDF]
  • Decline an Internship Offer Email [PDF]
  • Internship Acceptance Email [PDF]

Information Session Email:

  • Follow-Up Email for Information Session [PDF]

Networking Email:

  • Networking Email [PDF]

Rejection Email:

  • Employment Rejection Email [PDF]
  • Interview Rejection Email [PDF]

What To Use In The Subject Line Of a Job Search Email:

  • Click here to view what should be used in the subject line of a job search.

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