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This short verbal presentation should:

  • be an advertisement
  • highlight your strengths and education
  • be tailored to each situation
  • demonstrate your enthusiasm, personal style, and judgement

This commercial can market you effectively in a variety of situations besides the job fair such as:

  • social occasions
  • networking
  • cold calling
  • information interviewing

Also useful when answering interview questions such as:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Why are you qualified for this job?
  • Why do you want this job?

Putting your 60 second commercial together:

"Tell me about yourself" - Address the following:

  • Background - education and/or how you began in the world of work
  • Skills, Strengths, and Accomplishments
  • Job Focus and future career plans

Click here for worksheet to develop your commercial

60 Second Commercial Example

  • Background-"My degree is in finance and I will be graduating in December. While attending college I worked 25 to 30 hours a week. I spent the last 4 semesters working in a cooperative education position for Hastings in their accounting and finance department. I was able to get "hands-on" experience in cost accounting, cash-flow analysis, budget developing and I assisted in preparing client proposals."
  • Skills, Strengths, and Accomplishments-"Through these job experiences I have been given the opportunity to polish my customer service skills as well as gaining technical skills. I have strong planning and documentation abilities and I am analytically oriented."
  • Job Focus and future career plans-"My career goal is to work for a bank and eventually become a loan officer. I believe I have the key traits for success in banking. I have good common sense, I can juggle multiple tasks, I have a positive attitude and excellent communications skills. I think my greatest strength is my capacity to get along with a wide variety of people and personalities."

College Example of 60 Second Commercial

Use this strategy to answer the interview question “Tell me about yourself”, to introduce yourself at a career fair, to network at a professional event or to mingle at a party.

The 60 Second Commercial is an advertisement of yourself. Be sure to keep it career-related and avoid personal information (where you were born, what your parents do for a living, number of siblings, etc.).

The 60 Second Commercial can be easily organized by answering the three following questions:

1. Who are you/Where are you now?

This should focus specifically on your college education. You should not include your high school education. Include the following information:

  • College
  • Location: city and state
  • Graduation date: month and year
  • Degree
  • Major/Minor
  • Emphasis or concentration areas
  • Teaching Certification or other certifications

2.  Where have you been?

This should focus specifically on your experience. Try to focus more on your career-related experiences as these will be most relevant to the employer. Possible topics to include:

  • Student teaching experience
  • Career-related experience
  • Additional work experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Study or teaching abroad experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Activities

3. Where are you going/How can you be of assistance to their school or organization?

This should focus on your career objective or future goals. Make sure you do your homework before the interview and complete adequate research on the position, school and/or district in order to specifically address the needs of that particular school or district and the ways in which your unique skill set will meet those needs.

60 Second Commercial Example

  • Senior at Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD majoring in Elementary Education, minor in Early Childhood Education, certification in Early Childhood/Middle Childhood
  • Student teaching at Pinehurst Elementary School, international student teaching in Ireland, Assistant Teacher at SU's Children’s Center, 2 year captain of SU Varsity Lacrosse
  • Seeking 3rd grade teaching position at Heritage Elementary School, interest in coaching athletics

“I am currently a senior at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD. I will graduate this May with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, a minor in Early Childhood Education and certification in Early Childhood/Middle Childhood.

Through my student teaching experience at Pinehurst Elementary School I managed a diverse classroom of 23 3rd grade students and designed and implemented lesson plans for all curriculum areas. I chose to take advantage of the opportunity to complete a portion of my student teaching requirement abroad in Ireland. This experience helped to improve my sensitivity to other cultural values and customs and exposed me to a different educational system. Through this experience I quickly learned to adapt to new and challenging situations. In addition to student teaching I interact with children on a daily basis through my part-time job as an Assistant Teacher at the St. Norbert College Children’s Center, where I assist pre-school children in learning activities and playtime.

Throughout my four years at Salisbury University I have been a member of the Varsity Lacrosse Team. My last two years on the team I was selected by teammates and coaches to serve as captain. This experience taught me to handle multiple responsibilities while successfully managing academics and athletics.

I am seeking a 3rd grade teaching position at Pinehurst Elementary School. I will bring to this position my passion for education, my experience student teaching both here and abroad, as well as strong leadership skills and an interest in coaching athletics.

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