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How to Decline a Job Offer

7 Steps on How to Turn Down a Job Offer!


Call an employer immediately with your decision to decline a job offer. Employers often keep lists of backup options for each position. It is polite to provide a prompt response, so that an employer can contact the next choice.

Step 2

Send an elaborate letter explaining why you decline the job offer after you call an employer. This letter should only be a page long, but needs to be sent immediately to help human resources reevaluate its hiring process. Keep language positive as this letter will become part of your record with the company. Click here to see a sample of this letter.

Step 3

Begin all correspondence and phone calls with thanks to the employer for his consideration. The use of gratitude toward an employer's offer softens the rejection. When you turn down a job, thank the person for the opportunity. Tell the person that something about them or their company impressed you. Think of something, even if itís small. Just make sure you are specific, because thatís the type of compliments that matter most to people.

Step 4

Explain the general reasons why you have declined a position and chosen another job. Leave out salary or benefits details because discussion about financial terms is considered unseemly by most employers. You should focus on the professional possibilities and opportunities with another position in your letter. Then explain why the job you are taking is a great opportunity for you. Donít explain why the other company is a thousand times better than the company youíre rejecting, even if it is. Talk in terms of the opportunity, and how it will allow you make a big difference to the business and grow personally. The aim is to show that what matters to you is learning and contributing to the organization because thatís what you want the person to remember about you.

Step 5

You can provide the job title and employer that you have chosen when you decline a job offer to help out the recipient. Keep relations cordial with companies within your industry by helping them assess which jobs applicants end up accepting.

Step 6

Check all written correspondence for typographical errors and grammar before submission. While you are declining a position with a company, it will keep the letter for applications you may submit in the future. Poor writing can lead to a rejection letter in the future.

Step 7

Contact the appropriate person when you choose to decline a job offer. Larger corporations have dozens of human-resources professionals who may not be familiar with your application upon contact. Keep emails, letters and business cards during the interview process to help you get in touch with the right professional.

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