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How To Approach a Job Fair

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How to approach a job fairDO YOUR RESEARCH!

1) Read through the Employers’ Descriptions provided by the Fair Coordinators

2) Look up the companies you are interested in through Library Resources or Internet websites


1) Are you at the fair to network with professionals?

2) Are you at the fair to land a job interview?

3) Are you at the fair to land an internship or full time job?


1) Have a clearly stated Job Objective on your resume

2) Print 50-60+ copies of your resume on professional resume paper


1) Greet the recruiter with a firm handshake, state your name, major and year of graduation

2) Present your resume

3) State the reason why you are attending the career fair

4) Display evidence of your knowledge about the company—such as, products, research, etc.

5) Relate your skills and experiences with the requirements of the position you are interested in.

6) Rehearse your commercial with a friend or advisor

7) You are your cover letter! Read through your cover letter and use this to help prepare your commercial.


1) Dress as if you are going to a formal interview-click here for dress

MEN: Professional suit with coordinating pressed shirt and coordinating tie

WOMEN: Professional suit with skirt below the knee or pant suit, coordinating blouse, nylons and polished shoes, few accessories, hair pulled back

2) Think conservative


1) Greet the recruiter with a firm handshake and address as Mr. Ms., Dr.

2) Launch your “commercial”

3) Be responsive to any questions posed by the recruiter

4) Ask questions as needed. Base the questions on research you have done on the company

5) Listen and pay attention to what the recruiter tells you. This information may benefit you greatly if you receive an interview

6) Ask the recruiter for his/her business card

7) Take materials to read from the table. Avoid taking the “goodies” such as candy and promotional items

8) Take notes immediately after your discussion


1) Based on your notes taken, follow “to the letter” any directions the recruiter gives

2) Again, based on your notes, write a “Thank You” Letter immediately. (within 2 days after the fair)

3) Send a letter to every recruiter you spoke with at the fair. The letters should include the following:

a) date and location of fair

b) mention any “unusual or highly specific” discussion you had. This will help the employer remember you.

c) restate any important information you discussed

d) reiterate your qualifications

e) include any information you failed to tell the recruiter during the fair

f) of course, thank the recruiter for his/her time and attention

g) you may include a copy of your resume even though it was already given

4) Remember! Courtesy and professionalism are appreciated and expected.


1) Portfolio or large capacity folder to carry resumes, work samples, pens, notepads, etc...

2) 50-60+ copies of your resume on professional resume paper

3) A notepad and pen for taking notes after meeting with each recruiter

4) 25 cents for a locker--to put backpack, walkman, rollerblades and other belongings in that are not needed for the fair (you get your 25 cents back, by the way)


1) Show up early! Some employers pack up and leave the fair shortly after the noon hour

2) Allow yourself, at-least, 2-3 hours to attend the fair and speak with recruiters. Lines may be long to speak with some recruiters, so be prepared to wait

3) Perhaps a company (in which you are interested in working) is at the fair, but has not posted a job or internship related to your area of interest. You may still approach the recruiter, follow your commercial and then ask the recruiter if he/she could provide you a name of someone at the company that fits your commercial. This is appropriate to do. 

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