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Types of Interviews

On-campus interviews:

Representatives from major organizations come to the SU campus between September and April to interview Salisbury students for choice positions –it is critical to be well prepared. Click here for fuller discussion of the on-campus interviews.

To Access these Interviews and instructions for signing-up go here.

Behavioral Interviews:

This type of interview is based on the premise that the best way to predict future behavior is to determine past behavior in a similar situation. This style of interview is gaining wide acceptance among recruiters. Click here for more information on behavioral interviewing.

Case Interviews:

This style of interviewing is used most frequently by consulting firms. They have long been used to see a candidate’s thought processes in motion. (Can you analyze complex open-ended business problems )? Click here for more information.

Interview at the organization’s site:

This is an interview to decide which applicants should continue in the process and to confirm the initial impression made by the recruiter who recommended the candidate.

Telephone screening Interview:

Employers may choose to conduct a telephone interview to screen applicants and make the first cut to determine if they want to arrange a face-to –face meeting. Click here for more on telephone interviewing.

Video "SKYPE" Interview:

When interviewing with organizations at a great distance, a video interview can be useful in determining which candidates to invite for face-to face interviews.  These interviews are online and are typically done via computer software programs that gives face-to-face communication online.  Many times "SKYPE" software is used.

Informational Interview:

This interview is usually at your initiation and is one of the best sources for gathering information about what is happening in a particular occupation or industry.  You will be conducting research with people working in that field. Click here for examples of information interview questions you can ask.

Assessment/group interview/conference Interview:

Some employers (especially major retailers) include an assessment center or group discussion in their selection process. This technique is useful for evaluating and comparing applicant’s leadership potential.

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