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Internship Questions and Answers

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Q: What exactly is an internship

A: Internships are educational programs that allow students to gain practical work experience and academic credit at the same time. These are supervised programs of work and study which involve students working in government, community service, or business settings applying skills and knowledge obtained in the course of their studies. The typical intern works ten to twenty hours per week.

Q: Are interns paid?

A: It is not a requirement that interns be paid. However, many of our students provide at least some of their own support and do not feel able to donate their time. Therefore, an unpaid internship is more difficult to fill, and is attractive only if there are clear non-monetary benefits.

Q: What is a typical rate of compensation?

A: The range of pay is indeed very broad.  Some internships pay around $6 per hour. The median pay is about $8.50 per hour. Some internships pay $12 per hour or more when the intern possesses skills and abilities that the sponsor highly values.

Q: What kinds of organizations sponsor interns?

A: All kinds. We regularly place interns with the largest employers in Wicomico County as well as with organizations in which the intern is the only employee aside from the owner.

Q: How should my request be an intern submitted?

A: Ideally you would submit your internship documents (determined by the employer).  Typically a resume, cover letter, list of references, etc. should suffice.

Q: Who should I contact for more information:

A: Contact the prospective employer or the academic department that is granting credit.

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