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What is it?

Study of drug action in the human body. Pharmacologists’ research is focused on discovering molecules or drugs that can prevent or better manage different diseases. Pharmacology is multidisciplinary field that uses techniques such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, immunology and medicinal chemistry in identifying molecules that cause a biochemical change in the human body. Academic Programs

Depending on the institution or University, the BSc degree is an Honors degree which means that after one or two years of general sciences the applicant has to be admitted to the degree program based on academic merit.

MSc and Ph.D programs are also available.

Career and Academic Opportunities:

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Cardiovascular pharmacologists’ research is focused on identifying drugs for controlling or managing cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction or heart rhythm abnormalities. At a molecular level the drugs work on receptors, channels or smooth muscle. If the drug is successful in reaching a clinical trials stage it is then marketed after it passes different clinical trial stages.

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical pharmacology is the branch of Medicine or Pharmacy that deals with the effect of drugs in a real clinical setting. Clinical pharmacologists are either physicians who complete a two year fellowship after the internal medicine residency or are clinical pharmacists.


Many find human or clinical pharmacology a very exciting science as taking medications is a daily ritual for many of us. However, many are misled in thinking that undergraduate or even graduate degree in pharmacology will expose one to clinical pharmacology (effect of drugs in the human body). This is in fact is a misconception. The undergraduate programs in pharmacology stress on basic and molecular pharmacology and usually do not focus on clinical pharmacology. Those who plan of pursuing a career in pharmacology in hope of becoming clinical pharmacologists may be in for a big surprise. Interested individuals may be pursue a career in Pharmacy.

  • Click here for Pharmaceutical Association Links.

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