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When Should I go to graduate School?

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When should I go, right after getting my bachelor's degree or after I work for a few years?

There are good reasons to proceed either way, and again, it depends on your personal circumstances and your goals.



Go Directly to Grad School

Go to Work First


  • You've already got the momentum and the discipline school requires. 
  • You may have fewer obligations, financial and otherwise, at 22 years old vs. working for 5 years and going back to school at age 27.


  • It can be difficult to divest yourself of the debt incurred with financing your education.


  • Your employer may offer tuition reimbursement as part of its benefits package or you can save money to pay for your education.
  • You can gain a deeper understanding of your field through hands-on experience-and what niche you want to pursue.
  • You can learn what problems need to be solved, generating research ideas.
  • A few years on a job can give you a different perspective on what's important about your education.


  • Your choice to go back to school may require financial sacrifices from the other people in your life.
  • It's easy to get addicted to a steady paycheck.
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