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Interview Questions You Can Ask - Health Professions

Interview Questions to Ask Health Related Professional Schools
You need to research each school to which you apply thoroughly. It is important to be ready with some pertinent questions when they ask you. Stay away from questions about the application process itself. Here are some good questions you may consider asking:

Describe this school's curriculum in the pre-clinical and clinical years. Are there any innovations, like Problem-Based Learning?
Are there opportunities for students to design, conduct, and publish their own research?
Is there flexibility in the coursework (the number of electives) and the timing of the courses (accelerating, decelerating, and time off) during the pre-clinical years?

Counseling / Student Support:
What kind of academic, personal, financial and career counseling is available to students?
Is there a mentor / advisor system? Who are the advisors - faculty members, staff, other students?
How diverse is the student body?

Tell me about the library and extracurricular facilities (i.e. housing and athletic / recreational facilities)
Are computer facilities integrated into the curriculum / learning?
What types of clinical sites - ambulatory, private preceptors, private hospitals, rural settings- are available or required for students?
Does this school allow for students to do rotations at other institutions internationally?
Is a car necessary for clinical rotations? Is parking a problem?

Financial Aid:
Are there stable levels of federal financial aid and substantial amounts of university endowment aid available to students?
Is someone available to assist students with budgeting and financial planning?

Student Involvement:
What committees have student representation?
Are students involved in (required or voluntary) community service?
What types of student organizations are there?

Is there an established protocol for dealing with exposure to infectious diseases? Is disability insurance provided to cover this exposure?
Does the school provide, or does the student pay for, vaccinations against Hepatitis B or prophylactic AZT treatment in case of a needle-stick or accident?
Is there a school Honor Code? Is there a grievance process / procedure? Are the students involved?

May I see a list of residency programs to which this school's recent graduates were accepted?


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