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Graduate School Interview Questions

Questions About You/Your Goals:
What/who had the most influence on you to go to graduate school?
How do you see this graduate program fitting into your career goals?
What are your goals for the next five years? 10 years?
How do you feel your undergraduate studies have prepared you for this program?
Describe your past work/community service and what you have learned from them. Will those experiences help you in graduate school.
What recent professional articles or books have you read?
What problems do you expect to face while attending graduate school? How will you handle these?
What is one of your greatest strengths? What is one of your weaknesses?
What skills and personal traits make you a good candidate for this graduate program?
Describe your past research experiences and how they will help you in graduate school.
What contributions do you plan to make to the field?
What do you believe to be the major trends in your intended career field at this time?
What do you think about the healthcare industry as it stands today?
What do you think is the one most important development in the health field over the past 25 years, and why?
Tell me about yourself.
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any interests that relieve stress?
Tell me about a time you achieved something important and how you achieved it.

Questions About the School/Program:
What do you hope to accomplish/gain from our graduate program?
We are looking at many other students for this graduate program; what skills do you have that sets you apart from the other candidates?
Why are you interested in our graduate program?
Describe your method of learning. How does this fit with this graduate school?
What aspects of our program are you most excited about?
What schools did you apply to and why those schools?
What do you look for in a good graduate school?
Why do you want to go to school here?

Behavioral/Situational Questions:

Give an example of an ethical issue you faced and explain how you resolved it.
Provide a a situation in which you took initiative.
Explain about a time you were under a lot of stress and what did you do to relieve it?
You have a number of assignments due this week. How do you make sure you complete all of them on time and do a good job?
Tell me about a time you were confronted by someone. How did you handle the situation and resolve the conflict?
Tell me about a time you assumed a leadership role.
One day, a fellow graduate school classmate gives you a sheet containing questions for an upcoming exam. What would you do and why?
Name a situation where you had to make an ethical decision. What did you do?
If you are accepted into two graduate schools of your top choice, what would you do to make up your mind?




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