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Respiratory Therapy

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  • Hospitals (departments of respiratory care, anesthesiology, or pulmonary medicine) and medical centers
  • Durable medical equipment rental companies, home health agencies, and nursing homes

Required Skills and Abilities  -  [Back to Top]

  • Compassion: People and families dealing with breathing issues need emotional support and understanding.
  • Attention to Detail: Respiratory therapists must make sure they closely monitor their patients, so that the proper care and medication is given.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Respiratory therapists work with a team of peers, and work closely with patients. The ability to speak clearly when giving instructions and listen to concerns is very useful.
  • Patience: Clients often need a lot of attention, or will have trouble learning the techniques they are being taught. Patience is key.
  • Problem-Solving: Evaluating a patient's needs and determining the best course of action is very important to the job.
  • Science and Math Skills: Knowing sciences like anatomy and physiology, and using math to figure out medical dosage is necessary.

Alumni Resources  -  [Back to Top]

(Listed below are examples of SU Alumni and their Jobs in this major-For more alumni resources, go to Mentor Network)

Danette Wolford 2005 RRT-NPS The Johns Hopkins Hospital NICU
Kenneth Garritano 2000 Hospital Pharmaceuticals Specialist AstraZeneca
Mwelwa Changwe 2005 Respiratory Therapist Peninsula Regional Medical Center
Jude Muneses 1988 Physician Jude C. Muneses, MD

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