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Health Education Major

Career Information

What is Health Education?

  • Health education is a social science that draws from the biological, environmental, psychological, physical, and medical sciences to promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death through education-driven voluntary behavior change activities.
  • Health education is the development of individual, group, institutional, community, and systemic strategies to improve health knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behavior.
  • The job of a health educator is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence their health.

Possible Job Titles

  • Health and Physical Ed. Teacher
  • Coach Recreation
  • Therapy Dance instructor
  • Occupational Therapy*
  • Dance Therapy
  • Early childhood motor skills instructor
  • Outdoor education instructor
  • Weight-control counselor
  • Sports medicine physician*
  • Youth sports coach
  • Sports nutritionist*
  • Intramural director
  • Sports psychologist*
  • Camp Director
  • Protective service worker
  • Government careers
  • Athletic Trainer*
  • Sports Official
  • Professional Athlete
  • Agency Recreation Leader
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Exercise Physiologist*
  • Entrepreneur

*These occupations would require further education and/or certification. Others above also may require further education and/or certification.

Typical Places of Employment

  • Industry (private, public companies)
  • Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Schools
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Community Centers
  • Public Gyms
  • Health Departments
  • Family Planning Agencies
  • Spas and Resorts
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Retirement Communities

Typical Work Activities

  • Assess physical education needs and place in classes in accordance with their health status and ability.
  • Direct and guide people in a broad range of activities to help them develop skills such as accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, power, rhythm, strength, timing, and other attributes needed in physical activities.
  • Lead groups in classes in games, dance, gymnastics, and fitness activities.
  • Teach a sports skills.
  • Instruct students in nutrition, the use of equipment.
  • Prepare a budget for materials and equipment.
  • Meet with parents, school counselors, and school staff, to keep the community informed about the physical education and sports programs.

Additional Info in Career Services

These publications must be used in the "Browsing" Library of Career Services. There are also many brochures and magazines such as Resume Writing, Interviewing and Job Choices that you may take with you.

To see a complete list of career books located at the Career Services Office click here.

  • Careers in Focus: Sports
  • Careers in the Outdoors
  • Opportunities in Sports Medicine Careers
  • Opportunities in Fitness Careers

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