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Elementary Education

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Academic Information:

What is Elementary Education?

Elementary school encompasses a wide range of grade levels. In some regions, it includes kindergarten through eighth grade. In other areas, it goes through the fifth grade, and sixth, seventh and eighth grades are considered middle school. Elementary school teachers interact with students of vastly different age groups, from the early ages of five or six, to the cusp of adolescence at 11 or 12.

Students in elementary schools are all at different phases of development, and their needs vary greatly. However, most elementary school teachers focus on a specific grade level, teaching one class of students who are around the same age. In fact, some states require teachers to be certified to teach a particular grade.

Career Information

Possible/Typical Job Titles 

  • Adult Ed. Teacher
  • Alumni Relations Coord.
  • Athletic Coach
  • Camp Director
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Curriculum Specialist*
  • Day Care Administrator
  • Ed. & Training Admin.
  • Ed. Management Specialist
  • Educational Therapist
  • Ed. Researcher
  • Educational Materials
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Educational Admin.*
  • Financial Aid Counselor
  • Employee Training Instr.
  • Guidance Counselor*
  • Grant Writer
  • Instructor, College/Unv.*
  • Historic Site Administrator
  • Librarian
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Media Center Specialist
  • Library Consultant
  • Military Base Teacher
  • Missionary Worker
  • Museums Teacher
  • Preschool Administrator*
  • Physical Ed. Instructor
  • Religious Inst. Education Coordinator
  • Registrar/Admissions Director*
  • Resource Teacher
  • School Psychologist*
  • Special Ed. Administrator*
  • Social Services Volunteer
  • Student Personnel Admin.
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Student Admissions Admin.
  • Student Affairs Admin.*
  • Teacher, Adventure & Outdoor Education
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Teacher, ESOL
  • Teacher, Special Education
  • Tutor

Denotes additional education required*

Typical Places of Employment

  • Adoption & Child Care Agencies
  • Adult Literacy Programs
  • Advertising Firm
  • Boards of Education
  • Book Stores and Publications
  • Bureau of Blind Services
  • Business/Industry
  • Camps
  • Churches/Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Day Care Centers
  • Entertainment Center/Resorts
  • ESOL Programs
  • Government Agencies
  • Hospitals and Rehabilitation Agencies
  • Labor Unions
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturer's Childcare Products
  • Newspapers/Magazines/Periodicals
  • Military Bases
  • Nursing Homes/Retirement Communities
  • Community Organizations
  • Political Parties
  • Recreation Departments
  • Schools (Public, Private)
  • Test Development/Preparation

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Planning courses
  • Continuing education
  • Counseling
  • Designing Lessons
  • Instructing students
  • Interacting with faculty, parents, and employers
  • Supervising student activities
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to plan
  • Performing admin. duties
  • Assessing
  • Leadership
  • Data Analysis
  • Advising students
  • Evaluate student performance
  • Keeping up with developments in the field
  • Organized/Prepared

Alumni Resources 

(Listed below are examples of SU Alumni and their Jobs in this major-For more alumni resources, go to Mentor Network)





Vera Torrence 1968 Director of Curriculum and Director Leadership Development New Leaders for New Schools
Janine Steele 1999 Fourth Grade Regular Education Teacher Cecil County Public Schools
Susan Otto 1997 Special Education Teacher Montgomery County Public Schools
Kevin Gates 1987 Lacrosse Coach/Counselor Worcester Prep School
Linda Porter 1977 Director of Education MD State Dept. of Juvenile Justice
Pat Dennison 2002 Teacher The Howard County Public School System

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