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Job Environment: Enterprising

Competitive environments, leading, persuading, selling, dominating, promoting, status

** denotes need to go on to graduate school
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Code Job Title Salisbury University Program(s)
ECS Dental Assistant NA-Need Dental Assistant Certificate
EAS Credit Analyst Business Administration/Finance (pdf)/Economics (pdf)
EAS Journalist/Reporter CMAT-Journalism/Public Relations Track (pdf)/English (pdf)
EAS Public Relations Specialist CMAT-Journalism/Public Relations Track (pdf)
EAS Restaurant Manager Management (pdf)/Marketing (pdf)-typical path would be a Culinary Arts degree
ECR Health Services Manager Business Administration/Management (pdf)-Prospective medical and health services managers have a bachelor's degree in health administration but business degrees with relevant experience will suffice. 
ECS Insurance Agent Business Administration//Management (pdf)/Marketing (pdf)
ECS Tax Accountant Accounting (pdf)
EIS Training and Development Manager Business Administration//Management (pdf)
ERS Construction Manager Business Administration//Management (pdf)
ERS Construction Project Manager Business Administration//Management (pdf)
ERS Financial/Credit Manager Business Administration/Finance (pdf)/Economics (pdf)/Accounting (pdf)
ERS Police Captain Psychology (pdf)/Sociology (pdf) or other relevant majors such as Criminal Justice
ESA Public Relations Specialist CMAT-Journalism/Public Relations Track (pdf)
ESA Advertising/Marketing Managers Marketing (pdf)
ESA Benefits Manager Business Administration//Management (pdf)
ESA Buyer Business Administration/Management (pdf)/Economics (pdf)
ESA Early Childhood Teacher Early Childhood Education
ESA Educational Administrator-Principals **Education/MEd Educational Leadership
ESA Financial Manager Finance (pdf)/Business Administration/Management (pdf)/Economics (pdf)
ESA Interpreter Spanish, French and other foreign languages
ESA Lawyer/Attorney **Pre-Law
ESA Manufacturer's Representative Business Administration/Management (pdf)/Marketing (pdf)
ESA Social Service Director Social Work (pdf)/MSW 
ESC Security, Commodities, Financial Sales Finance (pdf)/Business Administration/Economics (pdf)
ESC Material Recording Clerk NA
ESI Computer Systems Operator Computer Science (pdf)/Information Systems (pdf)
ESI Emergency Medical Technician NA-All emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics must complete a formal training program.
ESI Food Service Manager Business Administration/Management (pdf)
ESI Stockbroker Business Administration/Finance (pdf)/Economics (pdf)/Accounting (pdf)
ESI Urban Planner **Economics (pdf)/Geography/GIS (pdf)/Political Science (pdf)
ESR Administrative Services Manager Level 1 Business Administration/Management (pdf)
ESR Advertising Sales Agent Marketing (pdf)/CMAT (pdf)/Business  
ESR Cook/Chef NA-Culinary Arts School are relevant for this career
ESR Financial Planner Finance (pdf) Financial Planning Track/Economics (pdf)
ESR Hotel Manager Business Administration/Management (pdf) -Most full-service hotel chains hire people with a bachelorís degree in hospitality or hotel management or the business degrees with relevant experience
ESR Insurance Claims Adjuster Business Administration/Management (pdf)
ESR Office Manager Business Administration/Management (pdf)
ESR Retail Sales Manager Business Administration/Management (pdf) or other relevant majors
ESR High School Teacher Early Childhood/Elementary Ed./Secondary Ed. (pdf)

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