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Job Environment: Artistic

Non-conforming, original, independent, chaotic, creative

** denotes need to go on to graduate school
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Code Job Title Salisbury University Program(s)
AES Actor/Actress Theatre (pdf)
AES Advertising Art Director Art New Media (pdf) Art Graphic Design (pdf)
AES Film/Video Producer CMAT-Media Production or Media Studies Track (pdf Media Studies)
AES Graphic Designer Art Graphic Design (pdf)
AES Interior Designer Art (pdf)
AES Multi-Media Artist CMAT-Media Production or Media Studies Track (pdf Media Studies)
AES Museum Curator History (pdf)
AES Music Teacher Music Education (pdf)
AES Photographer Art-Photography Track (pdf)
AES Stage Technician Theatre-Design & Production Track (pdf)
AIE Medical Illustrator Art-Drawing Track (pdf)
AIR Architect NA-need to go to Architect school
AIR Landscape Architect NA-need to go to Architect school
ASC Police Artist Art-Drawing Track (pdf)
ASE Advertising Manager Business Administration/Management (pdf)/Marketing (pdf)
ASE Audio/Visual Equipment Technician Art New Media Track (pdf)
ASE Drama Teacher Theatre (pdf)
ASE English Teacher English Education (pdf)
ASE Journalist/Reporter CMAT-Journalism/Public Relations Track (pdf)/English (pdf)
ASE Social Psychologist **Psychology (pdf)/Sociology (pdf)
ASE Technical, Scientific Publications Editor CMAT-Media Production-Media Studies Track (pdf)/English (pdf)
ASI Copywriter English (pdf)/CMAT-Journalism/Public Relations Track (pdf)
ASI Writers/Editors English (pdf)
ASR Clothing/Fashion Designer Art-Drawing-New Media Track (pdf)/CMAT Event Planning Track (pdf)
ASR Fashion Illustrator CMAT Event Planning Track (pdf)
ASE Advertising Manager Marketing (pdf)/Management (pdf)

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