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 The SU Mentor Network

Over 500 Mentors willing to help with any career-

related concern. Click here to login

Click here for sample questions you can ask the Mentor-(these are only samples)


Students Telling Their Stories How the Mentor Network Worked for Them:

  • Click here for examples of SU Students "Telling Their Stories" about using the Mentor Network.






 Mentors Tell Their Stories About How SU Helped Them in Their Career:

  • Click here for examples of SU Mentors "Telling Their Stories" and discussing what their Salisbury University education meant to them.






Mentor Network-Program Overview

This is one of the best services we offer you!

The Mentor Network is about meeting alumni who do things that interest you. Whether you're exploring career options, looking for advice about your job/internship search, or hunting for an apartment in a new area, using the Mentor Network is a great way to get started.

The program consists of a database of SU alumni (close to 900) who have volunteered to share their career experiences and advice with students and other alumni. All of these alums asked to be put into this database because they want to talk to you about their career fields and organizations--they want to offer you insider advice about your own career. These individuals have diverse academic backgrounds and represent many industries, career fields, job functions, and job locations. Alumni can act as a resource in many ways, including the following examples:

  • Provide company information
  • Outline job duties
  • Indicate employment trends (profession or industry)
  • Suggest job search strategies
  • Critique your resume
  • Set-up a job shadowing appointment
  • Give networking tips
  • Furnish relocation information

This program benefits students with personalized information when you have a defined need for information, want validation of an idea, or require feedback. Some students may utilize the Mentor Network to explore industries and possible career interests, while those with clearly defined career interests might utilize the program to explore specific companies, job functions and for professional networking. You may also seek the Mentor's input on assignments or major projects.

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