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Employers Tell Their Stories About Hiring SU Students?

Employer Stories/Quotes About SU Students
"We love recruiting through SU Career Services … we received a strong response to our listing with a great pool of candidates! We’re thrilled with the candidate who was hired … another fine testament to the quality of students that come out of SU!"
Kim Carney Gillis - Business Development & Marketing Manager
Becker Morgan Group, Inc.

Terri Morris
Talent Acquisition Manager

Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of hiring SU graduates for our Management Trainee Program and our Management Internship Program for many years! The Career Services staff is very easy to work with and top notch in professionalism."
Do you feel SU graduates are prepared for the workforce?
"SU Graduates are definitely prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. They are very well rounded in both academics and real world experience. They normally have done internships or have work related summer positions that suit well for our career opportunities."
What strengths do SU graduates bring to your company?
"I feel SU graduates have A LOT to bring to the table. They normally exhibit strong academics, work experience and leadership qualities that are very important to bring to any organization. They also have great community service awareness which is very exciting to see on the campus!"

Hilary Wright
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Trinity Logistics

Trinity has had numerous, positive experiences with hiring SU graduates. We have several SU Alumni that make up our Trinity Team.

Do you feel SU graduates are prepared for the workforce?
SU graduates seem to possess a great sense of dedication, maturity, and eagerness to learn.

What strengths do SU graduates bring to your company?
SU graduates have brought a number of strengths to our team. The graduates tend to be very loyal, dedicated to the company and their team, growth oriented, and professional.

Trinity visits the SU Campus several times a year in search for underclassman that are seeking internship opportunities and graduates that are ready to take that “next step” and start a career with a one-of- a kind Company. We value our relationships that have been built among the years with the professors and students and will continue to seek out opportunities to add more SU alumni to Team Trinity!
"College recruiting for Orkin/Rollins over last couple of years has become a successful way for our company to bring in new talent, and ideas into the organization. Salisbury University has rocketed to the top school for Rollins in recruiting talented sales professionals. Over the last few years we have successfully hired 6 full time Salisbury grads to become successful members of commercial and residential sales force. The first couple of students hired are now being considered for future management opportunities. We have been impressed with the quality of students at Salisbury especially in their understanding of the sales process. In addition we have had at least one intern each semester for last 3 years via the ABLE program. Our continued partnership with professors in the business school, sales club and our relationship with career services has evolved into a true and rewarding partnership for both the company and the students!" Jeff Palko
Recruiting Manager
Western Industries, Orkin/Rollins



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