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Staff Administrative Databases
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Student Database Access

Upcoming/Past Career Services Presentations
Practicum Guidelines for Career Services


Career Services STAFF Administrative Databases Access:  (only for Career Services Administrators)

Alumni Job Network Login (Charlie has login information)
Big Book Online  (International jobs/study abroad-automatically go to access)
Blogging Website for CS Administrators
Bookstore Login for Career Class
Calendar-Online (Network login)
Creating Email Groups via GullNet (Go to Word Instructions under Email Groups-Instructions for People Soft)
EACE Main Page Login (Becky has username and password)
eRecruiting Website for CS Administrators (Job Fairs, Advising Notes, Employers/Students, Mentors, etc.)
eRecruiting Login:

FaceBook for Career Services (all have access) 
FaceBook for Charlie
First Destination Survey
Everything is in PeopleSoft.

-Charlie turns on the Student Input Form
-Charlie turns on the Student Update Input Form
-Charlie creates all Student Excel Reports and posts them on the Career Services Data Portal on the Faculty website (on left side of page-"Career Services Data-"Graduation Data")
-There is really no Administrative Access-we all have access-Charlie has instructions

-For example, the Student Input Form is in People Soft- the student has to go into People Soft and click on the “First Destination Survey” link after I turn it on. Once I turn it on the link should appear on their PeopleSoft menu on the left side of the page.

-Here is the example email we send out to our students before being in the Bookstore:

Hi May Graduates!

We would like to give you the opportunity to complete the survey NOW prior to picking up your cap and gown which will eliminate any waiting time for you in the Bookstore. Also, if you complete the survey now we have a very nice SU tote bag for you to pick-up in the Career Center. You do have to wait until the day after completing the survey to pick up the tote bag.
*If you are not a May graduate or you have already completed the survey please disregard this email.

Here are the instructions to complete the First Destination Survey:
-Login to “GullNet” using your network assigned username and password-
-Once you are in "GullNet" you will see a link on the left menu bar that states “First Destination Survey”
-Click on this link and you will arrive at the survey
-Begin the survey
-When finished click on “Submit Form”

We very much appreciate your help with this survey because the results are very important to SU

*Also, if you would like to serve as an Alumni Mentor (this is completely optional), (alumni who have volunteered to assist current SU students by helping them figure out their major, provide career advice, etc.), please go to this site:

Thank you for all your help. Don’t forget, as alumni you still have access to all our services. Good luck on your finals and congratulations on your upcoming graduation.

Focus Website for CS Administrators
-Click here for student instructions/Example site from student login-username - kooy/password is career1
-Students can now self-register by going to this website-
-the student access code it "fearthegull"
-Administrators can also add new students or alumni
-Admin login-     Student login-
GullNet Login (same as People Soft)
Job Alert Entries Database (from Todd-Becky will do this)
● All jobs will now be entered in the job database
● The results of each form will come to either me or Becky.  Career Services will be cc'd on all of them
● In the code of the form you will view the Subject Line at around line 74 and it will state something like this subject = "ON-CAMPUS JOBS - FACULTY"
● The Email Line will be around line 80 and will state something like this - Mail.AddAddress ""  The next line may read like this 'Mail.AddAddress "" - the ' in front of the Mail.AddAddress means it will not receive the email or it is blocked from getting a copy of the email.  If I would like this email address to receive the email then take away the ' in front of Mail.AddAddress -  If I want to prohibit someone from receiving the email address (they must be listed in the code) I would enter a ' in front of Mail.AddAddress
● When I receive the job postings via email, I will see at the top-Add job to: -this takes me to the jobs database to enter this particular job.  The "1" means the job is active and will be viewed by the students.  "O" means it is inactive and will not be viewed by students.  The rest of this entry form is understandable.
● From this MAIN PAGE I can search and click on add jobs-It is for admin only- -  when I click on one of the job alerts pages I will be shown the list and can "Edit", "Delete", "Inactivate" by changing from 1 to 0, and "View" jobs.  Open up vie by clicking on the plus sign
Student view of the jobs is here-

JobPlace ListServe (Charlie/Becky have accounts) 
Learning Express (test samples)- We register them under a NEW user and then when they go to log in them selves they will do so as a RETURNING USER. For example, a student needs to be assigned a 14 digit user name and it must begin with 21801. I have the student give me their telephone # and I use that with the last digit dropped off. So for instance my username is 21801410742656. I assign all users the same password which is career but you can assign them anything you want.
*NEW-fall-2012-Here is the drill:  the 14 number code must begin with 21801 and then I just have them give me their phone number which I use without the last digit.  I give everyone the same password-career-you can do what you want. 

So my phone # is 410-742-6560.  My Learning Express user name then is 21801742656.  I know it is a pain in the you know what.  ( my particular password is rebecca)

Use this for students:
-Go here to enter-
-Go to “New User and create a 14 digit code which must begin with 21801 –they can use their phone number without the last digit to make up the code. 
-They can assign themselves whatever password they choose. 

or we can do it for them -We register them under a NEW user and then when they go to log in them selves they will do so as a RETURNING USER -use the information above to create their account

Learning Express Reports Page (See Becky/Charlie for username and password)
NACE Main Page (See Becky/Charlie for username and password)

Mentor Network
-Go to this website to login (all users) -
-How to add a student (or anyone who simply needs student access to search Mentors) go to this website-
Online Appointment System Website for CS Administrators
People Soft Login (same as GullNet)
Prometric Testing Center
240 Tilghman Rd.
Salisbury, Maryland 21804
United States Of America
Scheduling Systems
      For SLAC:
      -Click here for administrative page-(To add new events no - you do not have to delete past events-The only events that will   show on the student registration are the ones with the 'Open" checkbox checked.  For the events to NOT show click edit icon for the row (the little pencil) - then uncheck the "open" check box and save - repeat for each.)
      -Click here for student registration
     For Orientation:
 -Click here for administrative page
      -Click here for student registration
    For CS Events: (workshops, employer info sessions, fashion show, etc.-only name-one event and one time only)
        -Click here for administrative page
        -Click here for student registration page
SLAC Consortium Webpage
Strong Website for CS Administrators-100 Newly Revised Strong College Profiles were purchased in 2007-none used
-Our Assessment is called “Strong Interest Inventory” or Strong College-- Contact Name:  Charlie Endicott -License Agreement Date: 11/15/2007
-CPP Customer Number:
-Click here for Admin Instructions, username and passwords and how to give a student access
-Click here for student instructions
-Click here for student FLYER instructions
Text Messaging Website for CS Administrators (All staff has access)
Text Messaging Website to Update and Refresh System (must use this every time before sending messages-it is GullNet)
Timesheet Login
Vault Login (Use your network login)


Sponsorships:  - 

Fall 2014:
Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial
Trinity Logistics
Enterprise (Classroom sponsor)

End Dates:
*Modern Woodmen and Trinity – remove at the end of Spring 15 semester
-Target – remove end of Fall 2015.

*Spring 2015 Job Fair Registration Remission- K.Hovnanian – Winner – Standard Fall Registration


Workshop Evaluation
Career Management Systems and Their Evaluations by Job Place

Sex Offender Links:

Criminal Watch in MD
MD Sex Offender Search Page
Sex Offender Compliance and Enforcement in MD
Crimnal to use nationwide
Free Public Recorders Finder-Nationwide search


Career Services STUDENT Databases Access: (Student Access to our Systems)

Alumni Job Network Login (For alumni and those seeking jobs with experience)
Big Book Online  (International jobs/study abroad)
Blogging Website for Students
Career Services Events Signup Website (workshops, employer information sessions, fashion show, etc.)
Credential File Service Login
eRecruiting Website for Students
First Destination Input Website Form for Students
First Destination Survey Update Website for Students
First Destination Table Website for Students
Focus Website for Students
Learning Express Login (for everyone to access tests)
Online Appointment System Website for Students
Strong Website for Students
-Click here for student instructions
-Click here for student FLYER instructions
Text Messaging Website for Students (GullNet-they must go in and approve)


Past/Upcoming Career Services Presentation-Classes, Clubs, Workshops, etc.  -







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