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On-Campus Work for Students: An Overview

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Overview of On-Campus Student Work

Salisbury University employs over 1000 undergraduate and graduate students each semester. Employment opportunities are offered to students primarily to help defray the cost of attending the university. In addition to earning money, students enhance their academic pursuits through the learning of skills, responsibilities, habits, attitudes and processes associated with employment.

Career Services assists in coordinating student employment at Salisbury University. Career Services also acts as a facilitator for students seeking employment and departments requiring part-time employees. SU is committed to providing a valuable working/learning experience for students.

The policies and procedures outlined below do not apply to Financial Aid/Work Study and graduate assistantships. Information for those programs are available at the Financial Aid and Registrar Offices.

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Where Do I Go To Get On-Campus Work?

Visit Career Services web page or visit Career Services, located in Guerrieri University Center, room 133. The telephone number is 36216 (on campus) and 410-543-6216 (off campus). Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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Who's Eligible for Student Employment?

Applicants for student employment must be registered as matriculated students at SU carrying a minimum of six credit hours for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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How Do I Secure On-Campus Employment?

Students seeking on-campus employment need to visit the Career Services web site or check in the office where the available jobs are advertised. Students should carefully review the job listings before applying for any job. There are a limited number of positions on campus and a large number of students who apply. Because of the competitiveness of the job situation, students are encouraged to review the job openings frequently. Job openings change as departments place and remove ads depending on personnel needs. Vacancies are greatest the first week of each semester and this is when most jobs are advertised, however a few jobs are available throughout the semester. If a student is hired, the department completes a contract for the student. Contracts are typically written for a complete academic year. However, contracts for specific employment periods are also permitted. Basically, the student agrees to work a certain number of hours per week, be paid only for the hours actually worked and perform the job to the best of his/her ability. After the contract is completed and signed by both the employing department and the employee, the department is responsible for completing the necessary forms to generate a paycheck, these include a W4--Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate, Signature Page/ Policy on prohibiting sexual and other discriminatory harassment, and and ensuring that a student completes an I9 with an authorizer. From the time the student completes the paperwork, it takes 4 to 6 weeks before the first pay check is received. The first pay check will include all wages due to that pay period. Departments are encouraged to employ students to work 20 hours or less per week on campus during the academic year. Students taking 6 or more credits and working part-time on campus are exempt from having Social Security (FICA) deducted from their pay. Should a student exceed the number of work hours per week, that exemption is lost and may not be reinstated until the following year.

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What Is Expected of Students As An Employee?

It is the department's responsibility to advise their student employees of performance expectations and standards of conduct. A student's orientation to the job should include a discussion of basic policies and procedures established by the employing department, as well as any necessary training. If a student employee's conduct interferes with orderly and efficient operation of a department, corrective actions may be necessary. It is the responsibility of the department to provide the employee with the necessary instruction to perform their job. At the end of each employment period, the supervisor must complete the written performance evaluation.

Student employees are encouraged to wear appropriate professional dress while working on campus. Student employees are an extension of the State Work Force at Salisbury University, therefore, it is imperative that they project a professional image to the public. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. Some departments require a uniform, and will advise the students of any special requirements. Departments are responsible for establishing and maintaining their own dress code.

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What If Something Goes Wrong?

If there are problems on the job, every effort should be made to resolve it through discussion between the supervisor and the student employee. If it cannot be resolved informally, consult Career Services. The contract provides a probation option for both the employee and the employer. During the first two weeks of his/her employment, the student or the employer may choose to withdraw the contract obligation for any reason without penalty. When attempts to correct a problem have failed, termination of employment may be necessary.

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How Much Will Students Be Paid?

Students are paid based on departmental budget. Wage increases are based upon job performance and are made at the beginning of each semester or whenever there is a change in the job description. In lieu of a new contract, a Change of Rate Form provides a more efficient method to adjust wages. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring their budgets to insure that sufficient funds are available for student employees. Student employees are paid by check once the necessary paper work has been placed on file. Checks are issued on a bi-weekly basis and distributed after 2 p.m. on every other Wednesday and must be picked up in person. Students pick up their paychecks either from their respective employing department or Holloway Hall, room 228. A single check will be issued for student employees regardless of the number of jobs they hold on campus.

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Can Students Work During The Summer/Winter Term?

Students who are contracted to work both Fall and Spring Semesters do not need a separate contract for Winter Break if working within the same department. However, all students must have a separate contract for Summer. The Summer contract may have a beginning date of any day after the Spring Semester ends. It is also recommended that students who are rehired for the Fall semester have a contract completed and turned in to the Career Services prior to leaving SU in the Spring Semester. This will prevent any delay in receiving a paycheck when returning in the Fall.

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How Can Students Find Off-Campus Jobs?

Career Services also handles off-campus employment. Students who are interested in off-campus employment are advised to visit the office where off-campus jobs are posted. Suggestions/Comments are welcome. Please call Career Services at 36216 or 410-543-6216.

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Examples Of Employment Opportunities:

Office Assistant, Cashier, Supervisor, Manager, Lab Monitor, Computer Lab Monitor, Dispatcher, Horticulture, Assistant, Dining Assistant, Traffic Monitor, Sound & Lighting Technician, Conference Assistant, Clerical, Tutor, Lab Assistant, Graphic Artist, Information Desk Attendant, Cook, Intramural Official, Graduate Assistant, Stock Clerk, Painter, Photographer, Editor, Carpenter Assistant, Game Room Attendant, Lifeguard, Driver, Audio/Visual Technician, Waitress, Assistant Coach, Note Taker, Model, Aerobics Instructor, and Inventory Clerk

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Procedures For Hiring And Employing Graduate Assistants (GA)

The procedures for hiring and employing GAs are the same as those for other student employees except for the additional requirement of a form entitled Payroll Authorization Form.
Please remember to advertise your GA position through Career Services.

When a student is hired as a Graduate Assistant, the following items must be completed-all forms are available through Human Resources.

  • A standard Student Employment Contract which is obtained from Support Services
  • An I9 completed by the student and an I9 Authorizer (please send your student to the nearest authorizer on the first day of employment, the authorizer will provide the I9 at that time)
  • An Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate/W4
  • A SU Policy Sign-Off Sheet [Word]
  • State of MD Substance Abuse Policy [Word]
  • SU Sexual and Other Discriminatory Harassment Policy [PDF]
  • SU Procedures for Pursuing Complaints of Sexual and Other Discriminatory Harassment [PDF]
  • Direct Deposit Authorization [PDF]
  • Additionally, Graduate Assistant Job Description (Word) and a Graduate Assistant Biographical Data (Word) needs to be completed.

All this paperwork is sent to Jessica Scott in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research who in turn forwards it to Payroll office.

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