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Employer Sponsorship Options sammy

We welcome and seek any active employer with SU to extend their presence on our campus and assist us in fulfilling the mission of Career Services through sponsorships*.  Here are a variety of high profile and important sponsorship avenues:  

  • Career Services Center Sponsorhip Options.  We have many opportunities for sponsorship possibilities in our Career and Employer Outreach Center.  We are looking for a donor to “name” the SU Career Center or to sponsor one of the two sound-proof interview rooms, employer lounge, among many needs.
  • Your full page Ad on the cover of the Resume or Interview Booklets. Each book is given to approximately 2000 students per year.
    $1000.00 for a year’s worth of publications.
  • Web Advertising-Feature your company on our Career Services home web page scrolling banner.  Our webpage receive thousands of visits each month.
    $500.00 per month.
  • Be our “Company of the Month”.  A large vinyl sign will be displayed in the Career Services Center as well as on our in-office advertising boards and announcements in classes.  We make at least one in-class presentation every day on our campus.    
    $250.00 per month.

*For ALL sponsorship your company’s name is placed on a sponsor plaque in the SU Career Center.  In addition, we will work with Public Relations to inform the campus and the community of your beneficial sponsorship efforts.

Job Fair Sponsorship Options: 

Sign-up for Job Fair sponsorships when you register for the Job Fair.  

Career Center Platinum Sponsorship Package

Price: $2,000.00
Our most exclusive package specifically earmarked for the Career Center Renovation Project. View the complete details and plans for our renovation here.

• Gold Sponsorship Package

Price: $1,000.00
The Gold Sponsorship Package is our most exclusive and gives you the most visibility to students. Includes the standard package & a full page front cover ad in the Fair Publication, your Company Name or logo on the Sponsorship Banner, 1 month web advertising on Career Services home page and 4 attendees.

• Silver Sponsorship Package

Price: $500.00
This package provides a great deal of exposure to our students. Includes the standard package & a company name/logo on the back cover of the Fair Publication, Company Name or logo on the Sponsorship Banner, 1 month electronic board advertisement in the Career Office and 3 attendees. 

• Bronze Sponsorship Package

Price: $400.00
A full page ad is very visible to the students. Includes the standard package & a full page ad in Fair Publication and Company Name on the Sponsorship Banner.

• Seagull Plus Sponsorship Package

Price: $300.00
A lot of exposure for your money! Includes the standard package & a 1/2 Page Ad in Fair Publication, Company Name on the Sponsorship Banner.

• Seagull Sponsorship Package

Price: $200.00
Includes the standard package & a 1/4 page ad in Fair Publication and Company Name on the Sponsorship Banner.

*Standard Registration Package

Price:  $125.00
6 foot table, Lunch for 2 attendees, wireless hookup, Organization description in Fair Publication. 

Contact Information:

Crystal Dickerson    
Employer Relations Coordinator

Charlie Endicott    
Associate Director of Career Services

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