Welcome to GENL-110-150 Spring 2014 Personal Career Planning Class! This is a Job and Internship Search Class for Juniors and Seniors ONLY!


This class will include a variety of teaching methods and modalities. There will be limited lecture and more of an emphasis on interaction and participation. Students will have the opportunity to explore learning avenues in and out of the classroom environment. You will be asked to utilize some of the skills you have learned at SU and demonstrate them in a career-type environment.  Each of you will become more knowledgeable about what employers are looking for in a new employee.  By the time the class is complete, you will know how to conduct a job/internship search and be able to excel in all areas of that search.  Believe me, we will have fun and actually learn by doing!"


Mr. Charlie Endicott, Instructor

This class is driven by the links on the left of this page. 

They are very important and are your responsibility.