Welcome to GENL-110-150 FALL 2013 Personal Career Planning Class!

Make-Up Assignments:
Use these assignments for classes you missed OR for extra credit. You can use only 2 of these assignments for those purposes.

*The deadline for turning in any extra-credit assignment/s is December 4th, 2013.  No extra credit assignments will be accepted after that date. You can select only 2 of these activities for making up a class or extra credit.

Attend Job Fair

1. Attend the Job Fair and talk to at least 3 employers
2. Dress professionally
3. Turn in page 23 of your class handbook-
10 points

Contact 3 mentors
and ask them three questions that are relevant to you. Write a 2 page paper that lists your questions, the mentor response and your summary of the activity. Click here for Mentor Network. 
10 points

Find 3 companies on eRecruiting -http://salisbury.experience.com/experience/login that you would be interested in working for. You need to do a 3 page paper and classroom power point presentation on the following:
-Name of companies
-Why you chose them
-Why you want to work for them
-Who is the contacts for these companies and what is their titles
-What the companies do
-Where are they located
-Who is their CEO
-What is their mission statement
-Current job vacancies and descriptions
-Do you plan on applying
10 points

 Additional Make-up Assignment:
Locate the occupation/job you wish to do on the occupational resources pages (http://www.salisbury.edu/careerservices/Students/CareerChoice/Occupation.html)and write a 3-page paper that covers:

1. the name of the occupation
2. the name of the website
3. the beginning salary in the United States
4. the beginning salary in the state you wish to work
5. the employability of the job
6. the anticipated number of job opening in the job you chose
7. the education required
8. why you chose this occupation
9. what job search websites are you going to use to pursue this occupation
10.when are you going to begin your job search and who is in your network

You must list the number of each topic area as it is above and answer each topic.  It must be at least 3 pages.
10 points possible