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About Sport Clubs



Through the establishment of the Sport Club program, the Campus Recreation Department strives to meet a wide range of student needs in recreation and sports.  Under the direction of the Coordinator of Intramurals and Sport Clubs, clubs provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff with similar interests to participate in a particular sports activity.  Clubs may be instructional, recreational, and/or competitive.  While some compete with other universities and clubs throughout the region, others may participate in local demonstrations, shows, or contests.  Club members have the opportunity to become involved in the leadership, responsibility, and decision-making for their clubs.  All sport clubs are student-run by an elected slate of officers.  Sport clubs are open to the beginner as well as the advanced performer.



Membership is open to all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff members.  Each club is organized and run by students under the supervision of the Coordinator of Sports Clubs.  Emphasis is placed on student leadership and involvement.  The clubs that are successful and flourish are the ones with strong leaders and active participants.  If you wish to join a club, read the club sports bulletin board for more information about club meetings.  The bulletin board is located in the main lobby of the Maggs Physical Activity Center across from the Campus Recreation office.  You may call the Campus Recreation Office at (410) 543-6350 for more information.


Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation in sport club activities.  Individuals participate in sport club activities at their own risk.  Salisbury University is not responsible for any injury that may occur through participation in sport club activities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive recreational program that best meets the need of our students, faculty, and staff.  If you have a recreational interest that is not offered, contact us.  If it can be done, we will do it.  We need your support to insure the continued growth of your sport club program.


Our Address

Campus Recreation Department
Maggs Physical Activity Center
Room 146
Phone:  (410) 543-6350
Contact:  Wayne Gorrow