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How do I get information about the SU summer swim programs?

Brochures and information about the Sea Gull Swim Club and Sea Gull Swim School are available on tin early April.  Patrons from the previous summer have been placed on a mailing list.  Brochures are available on this website as well as in the Maggs Physical Activity Center hallway across from the Campus Recreation office.

Can I work at the Maggs Pool?

Yes.  Anyone 16 years of age or older with current lifeguarding certifications may apply for a position on our summer staff.  We offer a lifeguard training course in April in conjunction with the Lower Shore Chapter of the American Red Cross and begin hiring our staff shortly after that.  This is the only Lifeguarding course offered through SU. 

Who teaches in the Sea Gull Swim School?

All of the instructors involved with the swim school are Water Safety Instructors (WSI) or supervised by a WSI.  Volunteer opportunities may be available for local children ages 13 to 16 with staff approval.

When are Swimming Lessons Offered?

The Sea Gull Swim School operates lessons during the summer months only.  Each session consists of eight 45 minute lessons.  Sea Gull Swim School lessons are taught following the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program: .

Are private swimming lessons available?

No.  We do not offer private swimming lessons, however our group lessons are limited to 25 for children's lessons and 15 for young beginner lessons.  Split between our instructors the typical class has four to five students allowing each child maximum instruction time under the supervision of his/her teacher.

How do I know what level my child is?

By reading the course titles printed on the brochure you can get a general idea of the level of your child.  We test each child on the first day of lessons and make further adjustments as needed to assure each child is in the correct level.  By indicating on your registration form the level you think your child will fit in, allows us to prepare our instructors and lessons ahead of time to maximize the amount of water time.

What if my child does not pass his/her lessons level?

It is not unusual for a child to repeat a level two or more times before passing.  The American Red Cross has stringent guidelines that we must follow to assure that each child successfully completes one level before moving to the next.

Can my four year old take children's lessons?

No.  Our experience has taught us that four year olds are not ready to join in with other children in our children's lessons.  The young beginner classes are challenging and teach many of the level one and two skills that your child will need to move up.  Often our young beginners skip level one and move right into level two as they join our children's lessons.

What is the difference between Lap Swim and Open Swim?

Lap Swim is reserved for adults and others who wish to swim lengths of the pool.  Open swim gives patrons the opportunity to use pool equipment, play games, and dive in the deep end.  The lifeline separating the shallow end from the deep end is in place during all conference and open swim times.  Patrons wishing to work out during these times will need to swim widths or swim under the lifeline.

What floatation devices are allowed?

For safety and liability reasons we allow only Coast Guard approved floatation devices.  When purchasing life jackets and other pool accessories look for the Coast Guard approved seal.  We do have a limited number of life jackets and pool toys available for use by our patrons.  We do require that anyone needing the support of a life jacket or other means of support, remain in the shallow end of the pool.  The test to enter the deep end is to swim unassisted, two widths of the pool non-stop.  The lifeguard on duty will determine who may use the deep end.

Do I have to stay at the pool while my child swims?

Yes. Children 16 and under do need a parent or guardian in the pool area at all times when using the pool.  By staying with your child, you are following correct water safety procedures and eliminating additional stress on our lifeguarding staff.

Can I bring a guest to the pool?

Yes.  Each Sea Gull Swim Club member may bring a maximum of two guests per visit.  Each guest must sign a liability release form prior to using the pool. Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent signature on the liability release form. The current guest fee is listed in the brochure.

Do I have to have my card with me each time I swim?

Yes.  We issue Swim Club cards to assure only those who qualify for the benefits of our summer pool hours are able to use the facility.  Each time you swim you will need to show your card to the lifeguard at the desk.  By tracking attendance, we can better serve your needs and interests.

Does the pool ever close during the summer?

Yes.  We close only for the Fourth of July and in unexpected situations.  For our patron's safety, we close the pool for several hours if there has been fecal contamination or other body fluids in the water.  During thunderstorms we clear the pool as the storm passes.  Unexpected incidents are handled on an individual basis and patrons will not be allowed to re-enter the water until it is safe.

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