Sport Clubs


A sport club is a student organization, registered with the Campus Recreation Department and the S.G.A. that has been formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a favorite sport activity. Clubs vary in focus and programming since the membership manages the operation of the club. A sport club may be oriented toward any or all of the following: competition, teaching, recreation, or socialization.

The Campus Recreation Department assists and coordinates the efforts of most of the sport clubs on campus. All club matters are channeled through and administered by Wayne Gorrow, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation in the Intramural/Sport Club office, Maggs Gym, room 146B.

The success of the sport club program depends on the student leaders of each club. It is these leaders who must have the initiative and drive to handle club administrative matters and motivate club members to take part in club activities.

Membership in all clubs is open to all Salisbury University students, faculty and staff regardless or skill level. Clubs also offer opportunities for those who want to learn a new sport.


                      Cheerleading                                   Golf                               

                      Field Hockey                                    Ice Hockey                 

                      Men’s Lacrosse                                Women’s Lacrosse       

                      Men’s Rugby                                    Women’s Rugby

                      Sailing                                            Women’s Soccer

                      Men’s Ultimate                                 Women’s Ultimate        

                      Men’s Volleyball                               Equestrian                               


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For More Information, Please Contact Wayne Gorrow in the Intramural and

Sport Club Office at 410-548-3266