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Quiz: Effective Lifeguard Rotation

1. How often should a lifeguard rotate positions when on duty?   

2. The five steps of lifeguard rotation in order are:

  Exchange information about swimmers and/or trouble spots

Outgoing guard scans the pool and walks the perimeter

Incoming guard scans the pool and walks the perimeter

Outgoing guard scans the pool while the incoming guard gets in the stand and gets set

Incoming guard scans the pool while the outgoing guard gets off the stand

3. Information that should be exchanged between lifeguards include:

               (check all that are appropriate)

Anything unusual

Any special needs swimmers

Non-swimmers or swimmers to watch closely                                               

The score of the basketball game

Where the party is being held                                                                               

Classes and special programs

 What is 7 plus twenty-one?  (enter a number)


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