OCTOBER 5, 2005




I.                   Call to order:  President Clacie Hubbard called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M.


In attendance:  Brenda Boggs, Jeff Canada, Doug Jones, Clacie Hubbard, Ellen Pettingill, Lisa Gray, Amy Sine, Karen Wilson


Absent:  Lucy Hearn, Judy Lowe, Melissa Thomas


II.                Approval of Minutes:  September 14, 2005 minutes were approved as read.

III.             Chair/Committee Reports


a.      CUSS – no report


b.      PR/Communications (Doug Jones)

o       Committee has not met

o       Have committee notebook

o       Will schedule a meeting before Staff Senate’s next meeting


c.       Payroll/HR (Karen Wilson)

o       The committee met on Tuesday, September 27, 2005

o       The major goal for the committee is staff development.  Donna Kenner has been invited to the next committee meeting schedule for Tuesday, November 15 to discuss staff development, equity adjustment, and other pertinent topics. 

o       The committee is scheduled to meet on the 2nd Tuesdays of every other month at 10 A.M.


d.      Membership  (Lisa Gray)

o       The committee has not met but is in the process of planning a meeting.


e.      President (Clacie Hubbard)

o       BOR Staff Awards nomination packet were sent out

o       Formulate a committee to review the applications. Amy, Jeff, and Lisa volunteered.  The committee discussed and decided to ask one of the winners from last year to be on the review committee. 

o       SGA member will be observing the Staff Senate meetings.  The committee welcomes this opportunity on the consensus that the representative understands "all information obtained from the Staff Senate meetings are to be based on our minutes".


IV.    Old Business

o       To formulate a draft letter addressing the increase of part-time student fees and to show how these fees duplicate the benefits and services rendered to staff members utilizing the Tuition Remission Waiver.

o       Revise Bylaws by amending the proposed bylaw changes from 04-05 term.  To proceed the following from Section II. Approving or Amendment of By-laws: IV.II.c through IV.II.f explains the process:


a.         Bylaws amendment must be communicated to the campus community (those covered by Staff Senate, since they're the only ones who can vote) for at least 20 calendar days.


b.         Amendment must have the approval of at least 2/3 of those voting - voting by written ballot only.


c.         Results of the bylaws voting representation within each constituency (exempt, non-exempt, contingent) will determine the vote (2 of the 3 groups' majority representation must approve).


V.                 Announcements

o       University Women’s Forum Conference (all day event) will be held sometime in October.              

Next meeting is October 26, 2005 in FH Dean’s Conference Room 259 at 9:30 A.M.


Motion to adjourn by Jeff Canada, Second, by Doug Jones

Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 A.M. 


Recorded by,

      Brenda Boggs