September 14, 2005



I.                     †Call to Order:† President Clacie Hubbard called the meeting to order at 9:40 A.M.


In attendance:† Clacie Hubbard, Lucy Hearn, Ellen Pettingill, Lisa Gray, Karen Wilson, Amy Sine, Melissa Thomas


Absent: Jeff Canada, Judy Lowe, Doug Jones, Brenda Boggs


Special Guest: James Iwamiya, graduate student who will be observing our meetings to learn more about shared governance.


II.                  Approval of Minutes: Amy motioned to approve August 24, 2005 minutes with corrections. †Ellen second. Motion carried.


III.            Chair/Committee Reports

a.      President

      The staff senate website has been updated

      Committee chairs are to submit their committee binder and to present a committee report on 10/5/05.

      There is an open exempt position on the fiscal advisory committee of the University Forum committee. This needs to be followed up to see if it was filled during the election process. †

IV.          Old Business

a.       Contingent II Conversion

On Tuesday, September 13 a letter was sent to each Contingent II Employee informing them of their service date criteria and SUís institutional guidelines for conversion.


b. ††Our recommendations were submitted to Dr. Ellen Zinner for the 2006 Staff Picnic.


c. † Discussion was held on the increase of part-time student fees. Many staff members feel paying these fees is a duplication of the benefits and services provided to us by the institution. For example, the staff members have privilege to use the gym as an employee benefit and now they have to pay for use of the gym as a part-time student fee.


The committee agreed to announce at the Forum that we will look into the fees assessed to the staff members utilizing the tuition remission waiver. †The committee plans to draft a letter with the staff concerns to submit to the Executive Forum Committee and the Fiscal Advisory Committee.


 V.   New Business

a. ††Copies of the staff senate Bylaws were distributed to review and to correct at our next meeting. †Note: There are recommendations for changes to the bylaws left over from last year that need to be addressed.†††††† ††

††††††††††† ††††

VI.  Open Discussion/Other Issues:

Next meeting is October 5, 2005 in GUC 219 Choptank Room at 9:30 A.M.

Motion to adjourn by Lisa Gray, Second, by Lucy Hearn

Meeting Adjourned at 10:50 A.M. †


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary