August 24, 2005



I.                     Call to Order:  President Clacie Hubbard called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M. 


In attendance:  Clacie Hubbard, Lucy Hearn, Doug Jones, Ellen Pettingill, Lisa Gray, Karen Wilson, Brenda Boggs, Jeff Canada, Janine Vienna


Absent: Melissa Thomas, Amy Sine, Judy Lowe


II.                  Approval of Minutes: Brenda Boggs motioned to approve August 3, 2005 minutes with corrections.  Jeff Canada second. Motion carried.


III.            Chair/Committee Reports

a.     CUSS – Janine Vienna reported that August 16, 2005 was CUSS first meeting for the year.  As a result, there was little to report.  Janine gave us an overview on CUSS and how the committee represents 8,000 USM employees. The committee will focus this year on health benefits.  CUSS is creating a letter campaign to submit to legislators next year, introducing CUSS and inform the legislators of the costly increase to employee benefits.

      On another note, Janine stated she had attended a Dean & Chairs meeting recently and it was reported that the contingent II employees will be converted.  The conversions will start this fiscal year and the remaining next fiscal year.

b.      President – Clacie Hubbard addressed the committee by stating there will be no subcommittee reports.  Clacie mentioned, she had noticed from previous meetings that the subcommittees frequently had nothing to report.  Clacie handed out to each committee chairman a sheet stating, “What she needs from the committee”. To get the process started she asked each committee chair:

1.      To get a three ring hard back binder for record keeping

2.      To submit a list of the committee’s meetings including the date and time

3.      To provide a list of the committee goals

The subcommittees are to have the requested items by Wednesday, October 5 meeting.  This will inform the current executive staff members and any new members about the subcommittee’s history, responsibilities and current projects.  The goal is to become a functional committee.

IV.          Old Business

a.       Contingent II Conversion

Clacie met with Greig Mitchell on August 9 to discuss the committee’s recommendations further.  Clacie reported that Greig agreed to send out a letter notifying the employees of their conversion date.  After Clacie’s overview of their meeting she was asked by the committee to contact Greig Mitchell again regarding the letter to all contingent II employees.  The committee put forward that the letter should state the stipulations according to the SU Institutional Guidelines listed below.


1. Seniority

2. PMP (meet standards)

3. Disciplinary action

4. Is this position required?


This will inform the employee on how their supervisors have based their recommendation for conversion.


-              V.   New Business

a. Suggestions and Recommendations for 2006 Staff Picnic to submit to Ellen Zinner

 --Plan earlier

 --Have a picnic committee including dining services, members of staff senate, housekeeping and physical plant

            --Be clearer on RSVP process

            --Have dessert

          --If offices are closed during the picnic. Coordinate with Human Resources

          --Possibly have earlier in the summer

          --Music, Entertainment

          --Door Prizes


b.      Part-time student fees have an effect on staff


Clacie informed the committee of costly increase of fees and how is has affected the staff.  She read two letters from staff members who were taken by surprise, when they went to pay their tuition to find out the cost went up significantly.  The fees included the following:


Athletic Fee                                   13.00 per semester credit hour

Facilities Fee                                 23.00 per semester credit hour

Student Activities Fee                   3.00 per semester credit hour

University Center Operating Fee 7.00 per semester credit hour

Technology                                      4.00 per semester credit hour


The total for a 3 credit course would be $150.00 per semester

The total for a 6 credit course would be $300.00 per semester


Clacie addressed the committee about looking into the matter. The committee agreed. The committee also agreed that there is a communication lapse between administration and staff. This financial change should have been communicated better to staff members utilizing the tuition remission. Perhaps the staff would have been prepared to pay for the increase in fees. 


VI.        Open Discussion/Other Issues:

Clacie mentioned the Office of Diversity will be holding seminars called “Planning Ahead: Building Our Ranks” on September 7 & 8.  For more information contact the office of Diversity.


Motion to adjourn by Brenda Boggs, Second, by Jeff Canada

Meeting Adjourned at 11:15 A.M.  


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary