Staff Senate Meeting
Wednesday, November 16, 2005



I.                   Welcome

II.                Special Guest       Rebecca Rosing-Johnson


III.             Approval of Minutes – October 5, 2005 with corrections

                                                    October 26, 2005


IV.              Chair/Committee Reports

a.       Membership and Elections- Lisa Gray

b.      President – Clacie Hubbard


V.                 Old Business

a.       Staff Senate’s letter to Brent Zaprowski, Chair of Executive Forum, Johanne Laird, Chair of Fiscal Advisory Committee, Donna Keener, Chair of Employee Relations and Greig Mitchell, Admin & Finance to inform the governance committees and officials of SU of the employee’s interest and concern regarding the recent fee increase applied to university employees who are part-time students.

b.      2005/2006 Board of Regents University System of Maryland Staff Awards announcement to the campus community


VI.              New Business

a.       Amending the Bylaws to disclose No Non-Exempts NCBCB, and a new Mission Statement.  Secondly, strategies for  filling upcoming vacancies

b.      Holiday Social


VII.           Other Business/Announcements

a.       Next Meeting on 12/7/05 in FH Dean’s Conference room, 259 at 9:30 AM

VIII.        Adjournment