February 2, 2005


I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:35A.M. 

In attendance: Lucy Hearn, Karen Wilson, Melissa Thomas, Jeff Canada, Brenda Boggs and Katie Melton

Absent: Judy Lowe, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Doug Jones, Clacie Hubbard, Byron Hughes, Amy Sine


II.                  Approval of Minutes:  No quorum present.


III.               Chair/Committee Reports:

a.  CUSS – No report

b. Membership – No report via Becky to Melissa.

c. PR/Communications – (below under old business survey results)

d. HR/Payroll – Karen Wilson reported the committee met with Lee Ann Shull from Human Resources. Lee Ann said the classes she offers are listed on the HR website. She said if there were any suggestions for classes to let her know.   

e. President – No report. Clacie has attended several meetings recently for Melissa.                                                                 

IV                Old Business:

            a. SU policies based on BOR policies- some responses received back from staff senate to Melissa.

            b. Staff Incentives Survey Results

            c. Open Staff Meeting- Introduce ourselves, summary from committees, Kevin Carreathers to speak on Diversity Issues, Ellen Zinner on Sexual Harassment Training, Greig Mitchell on budget and HR issues. 


V.             New Business:

a.      Modifications to Bylaws- Think about any modifications to bylaws that may need to be made or updated.



VI. Other Business/Announcements:



Our next meeting will be held on 2/16/05 in FH-Dean’s Conference Room at 9:30AM.      


Motion to adjourn made by Katie Melton, Karen Wilson second.

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary