November 17, 2004



I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M. 

In attendance:  Clacie Hubbard, Melissa Thomas, Doug Jones, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Karen Wilson, Lucy Hearn

Absent: Judy Lowe, Byron Hughes, Brenda Boggs, Katie Melton, Amy Sine, Jeff Canada


II.                  Minutes: Minutes from October 27, 2004 could not be approved because a quorum was not present.


III.                 Chair/Committee Reports:

a.  CUSS –CUSS had a meeting yesterday but no report has been received yet. However, Judy Lowe submitted a report via Melissa Thomas from the October 26, 2004 meeting held in Frostburg. Most important item from CUSS report is BOR decision on contingent II conversions.

For more details on this CUSS report and the CUSS meeting minutes, please see the following website: 


b.     Membership - Becky Rosing-Johnson reported Amy Sine was contacted and she has accepted the open senator position vacated by Tom Lowe. Jim Phillips accepted position on the Wellness Council. No response on the open non-exempt NCBCB CUSS representative.  

c.  PR/Communications – Doug Jones reported the committee put out flyers in addition to the emails that were sent out to promote the BOR staff award.

d.      HR/Payroll – Karen Wilson reported that the committee will be meeting this afternoon to discuss what issues if any to work on given the fact the Forum’s Human Relations committee is already addressing the Human Resource issues.

President –Melissa Thomas reported: 

1.      There was a University Forum meeting held on November 2, 2004. Minutes of the meeting are available at .

Middle States Power Point Presentation by Dr. Ron Dotterer available at They are still looking for individuals to serve on Group 4: Community Engagement, Governance and Leadership

2.      PAT meeting – November 4, 2004- At the meeting Admissions spoke about the marketing of SU. They said they are already seeing a lot of applications coming in for Fall 2005 which is a good sign. They commented on how well the Web Development staff has done in registering SU in web searches so that when potential students do a search SU will pop up. Kevin Carreathers also spoke at the meeting regarding diversity. He would like diversity to become more of a campus wide program rather than pocket programs. Melissa encourages everyone to always read the minutes of the PAT meetings when they get emailed to stay informed as to what occurs in these meetings.

3.      Employee Relations Committee – Meeting held November 8, 2004. Committee met with Donna Keener and Greig Mitchell to define role of Human Resources. Greig suggested having an external audit done by an HR consultant. In addition, a very candid discussion was held discussing HR issues.                                                                 

IV.                Old Business

            a. Open Staff Meeting- An open staff meeting will be held in Spring 2005.

            b. Board of Regents Staff award – Meeting will be held this Friday 8:15 to review applications. Committee is Melissa Thomas, Clacie Hubbard, Katie Melton and Linda Abresch. A discussion was held on how to recognize all the nominees. It was decided that certificates would be awarded to all nominees and that we would ask the President to recognize these nominees at her holiday social.

            c. Staff Incentives- The list of recommended staff incentives were discussed and narrowed down. In addition the idea of a free holiday raffle for staff came up during the discussion. It was agreed we would all try to come up with some donated items and get back by the next meeting. Then offer them up to staff via an email raffle.                                  

V.             New Business

a. None

VI.      Open Discussion/Other Issues:

                  a. Next meeting on 12/8/04 in GUC – Pocomoke Room, 234 at 9:30AM        

Motion to adjourn made by Becky Rosing-Johnson. Lucy Hearn second.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary