October 27, 2004



I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M. 

In attendance:  Melissa Thomas, Doug Jones, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Katie Melton, Karen Wilson, Jeff Canada, Lucy Hearn

Absent: Judy Lowe, Byron Hughes, Brenda Boggs, Clacie Hubbard


Melissa Thomas introduced a guest to the meeting, Jennifer Berkman, chair of the wellness committee of the SU forum. The issue the wellness committee has been addressing is a campus wide wellness program and how it is coordinated throughout the campus.  The committee has come up with recommendations on how to move forward with a wellness program on campus.  One of the suggestions included a coordinator to oversee the program. Jennifer mentioned how currently some programs are spread out around campus and need better coordination and awareness throughout the campus. She also mentioned that given the size of our campus community we really need to focus now on a more organized campus wellness program. Melissa asked if we did not have a coordinator would the program not happen. Jennifer explained that the problem is that no one has the time to take on the additional duties of coordinating such a vast program that would be needed to be done right. Discussion was then held on a smoking policy that the wellness committee has been discussing. Jennifer said there is currently no public campus that is smoke free in Maryland. College Park and UMBC presently have policies pending to get smoking away from the buildings. Complaints have been received by the wellness committee regarding people having to walk through clouds of smoke from smokers to get into buildings. In addition, some air intake systems are located right near the entrances and the smoke from the cigarettes goes right into these offices.  The committee is gathering input and plans on making recommendations for a policy on smoking around buildings. Jennifer Berkman thanked us for our time and left the meeting. The senators then proceeded to discuss the proposal for a wellness program at SU. A concern was raised about hiring a person to coordinate the program at a time when many are working short staffed or positions have gone unfilled. However, we did agree the program should be centrally coordinated by a central person. Melissa Thomas made a motion that the Wellness program should be centrally organized. Katie Melton 2nd. Motion carried.


II.                  Minutes: Minutes from October 6, 2004 were reviewed. Motion by Becky Rosing-Johnson to approve the minutes. Doug Jones 2nd.


III.                 Chair/Committee Reports

a.  CUSS – Janine Vienna and Clacie Hubbard attended a meeting at Frostburg University yesterday. No other report.

For more details on this CUSS report and the CUSS meeting minutes, please see the following website: 


b.     Membership -  Becky Rosing-Johnson stated nothing to report. Melissa Thomas wants to put a call out for a Non-Exempt NCBCB for CUSS. (Item (b) under old business for the agenda today)  Melissa also stated that Tom Lowe has resigned as staff senator. Katie Melton made a motion to call Amy Sine to fill his vacancy.  (Amy was 2nd in voting) Jeff Canada 2nd. Melissa also asked that the open positions on the forum committees be resent and have a mini election for the remaining openings.

c.  PR/Communications – The committee met on October 14. They are going to send out a flyer for staff that does not have email on the Board of Regents award. They discussed surveying staff for suggestions on improving moral. They also discussed how to get the minutes out to staff once they are approved by the staff senate.

d.      HR/Payroll –Karen Wilson reported that the committee will not be asking to meet with Donna Keener or Greig Mitchell individually since the matter has been turned over to the Employee Relations committee of the SU Forum. Instead the staff senate group will focus on issues regarding the policy manual for staff.

e.   President – Melissa Thomas reported that at the last President’s Advisory Team meeting tuition and funding was the major topic. These minutes are also emailed out to everyone on campus and Melissa encourages staff to read these minutes when they come out to see what is going on at these meetings. The Board of Regents was on campus last week. They had a lot of questions for SU representatives. They delivered their Effiency and Effectiveness report.  Melissa asked them about the status of contingent conversions and she seemed optimistic that some conversions may still occur this fiscal year. Becky Rosing-Johnson attended the presentation itself and said it encourages students to graduate in four years. If not there would be a penalty or surcharge placed on the cost of their tuition. Melissa then spoke about the Employee Relations Committee of the Forum. She said they have now been tasked by the Executive Committee of the SU Forum to look into the issues involving Human Resources. The SU Forum has received concerns regarding the Human Resource Department and in light of this feel the correct process to address these issues would be to charge the Human Relations committee to investigate the matter. 

IV.                Old Business

a. E-Mail Policy- Discussion was held on the e-mail policy that was up for

     review. Someone asked who the Chief Information Officer was? It was

     answered that he is Jerry Waldron. Discussion was held that if this is the

     official form of communication than all employees should have an SU

     Email account. Perhaps one could be given to them at the date of hire.       


b. Non-Exempt NCBCB representative on CUSS – (covered under membership committee report)

c.  BOR staff award – The committee to review nominees will be Becky Rosing-Johnson, Katie Melton, Clacie Hubbard, Melissa Thomas, Linda Abresch,

d. Open staff meeting- The group discussed when to have an open staff meeting. Some suggested before Thanksgiving.

V.             New Business

a.    Middle States Evaluation Process-Dr. Ron Dotterer asked if we could meet another day  so he could meet with us or he could send a representative to discuss the Middle States Evaluation Process with the staff senate. The group will meet with a representative at our normal meeting date and time.


VI.      Open Discussion/Other Issues:



Motion to adjourn made by


Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary