October 6, 2004



I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M. 

In attendance:  Clacie Hubbard, Melissa Thomas, Doug Jones, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Katie Melton, Karen Wilson, Janine Vienna,

Byron Hughes

Absent: Judy Lowe, Jeff Canada, Tom Lowe


II.                  Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved from September 15, 2004.  Becky Rosing-Johnson motioned for approval of minutes. Lucy  Hearn seconded.  



III.                 Chair/Committee Reports

a.       CUSS –Janine Vienna reported that Human Resource issues were the main topic at the last CUSS meeting.  She reported that ING & American Century would no longer be available to State employees as investment options come the new enrollment period.  Their contracts were not renewed.  No date has been set for open enrollment for benefits as of yet. Expect increases in health care premiums as well as co-pays for office visits and prescriptions drug benefits. Conversions of Contingents II still an issue.  The Board of Regents is set to address the conversion issue October 14 at their next meeting.  The Exempt salary pay structure has been changed. There is a USM policy to address “Equity” in pay for staff. This is different from reclassification. The websites Janine gave to look at the USM policy are:  

Janine conveyed a concern of what the impact of increasing enrollment could be on an already stressed and stretched staff throughout the system.


b.      Membership – Becky Rosing-Johnson reported that e-mails had gone out reporting the results for elections to the various committees.

c.        Communications –Doug Jones reported memberships are still open. Plan to schedule meeting. Melissa Thomas will attend. Discussion was held on how to communicate information best to staff to make them aware of staff senate and encourage our part of campus shared governance. Becky Rosing-Johnson suggested sending an e-mail with the staff senate minutes attached and include in the email a link to our web site. A motion to vote on the issue was made by Katie Melton. Motion carried.

d.      HR/Payroll –Karen Wilson reported that the committee met to discuss issue regarding Human Resources policies. The committee came up with a list of issues regarding policies that need to be addressed or updated in the SU Handbook. They are going to try and set up meeting with Donna Keener and Greig Mitchell.

e.       PAT – Melissa thanked those who participated in Fun Day. She also suggested we read the President’s State of the University speech which is available on the President’s website. One of the President’s goals is still to get all employees who work full time benefits whether they are contingent or not. Clacie Hubbard spoke about meeting with Jeremy Horien who is the student Regent from the USM Board of Regents.  Jeremy expressed his concern about the increasing cost of tuition.  Clacie suggested to Jeremy that he attend a CUSS meeting to get a feel for the issues facing staff across the USM system.

IV.                Old Business

a. Fun Day – Many staff volunteered..       


b. Staff Morale- Meeting will be held with communications committee to address the issues.

c. Non exempt CUSS member (NCBCB) – an email will be sent out to the campus looking for 2nd position.

V.             New Business

a.    Board of Regents Staff Award – An e-mail will be sent out to entire campus seeking nominations.

b. Sexual Harassment Training Program – Ellen Zinner will be sending out an email regarding this online training program. The program promotes awareness. If you do not take the online training program you will be expected to attend a three hour training class in the spring semester.

c. SU e-mail policy- Will be handled via virtual meeting.

d. Open Staff meeting. Issues to discuss:

      -staff awards

      -improving morale

      -introduce Kevin Carreathers to staff

      -invite Greig Mitchell regarding open enrollment

VI.      Open Discussion/Other Issues:

                  -Diversity Forum today


Motion to adjourn made by Byron Hughes Seconded by Karen Wilson

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary