Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2004


I.                   Call to order: Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:35am.

In Attendance: Melissa Thomas, Tom Lowe, Brenda Boggs, Judy Lowe, Rebecca Rosing-Johnson, Karen Wilson, Katie Melton, Byron Hughes

Absent: Lucy Hearn, Clacie Hubbard, Doug Jones, Jeff Canada



II.                Minutes:  Melissa announced that the minutes from the July 28, 2004 meeting had not been submitted; therefore we will review/approve them at the next meeting.



III.             Chair and Committee Reports:


A:  CUSS Report: Judy Lowe informed the group that Salisbury University will be hosting the next CUSS meeting on August 24, 2004.  She has arranged for Ellen Zinner to greet and welcome the attendees.  Judy said that the contingent conversion plan will be one of the topics discussed.  Melissa added that she has heard from many employees who feel as though there must be a specified date for conversion.  Melissa also plans on attending the meeting.


B: Payroll/HR:  Karen Wilson explained that the committee has not met yet, but plans to in September.  She indicated that HR policies, in general, will be discussed, but more specifically, the “policy” on position postings.


C: PR/Communications:  Doug was not present, but Melissa noted that Katie resent the e-mail about the Women’s Forum.  Many of us did not receive the e-mail.  Melissa will check and make sure the lists she has for the staff are all inclusive.


D: Membership:  Becky Rosing-Johnson informed the group that the committee had met on August 13, 2004 to finalize the nominations.  The ballots were created and sent out by e-mail.  Becky will get some paper ballots out to employees in the Dining Hall and in Physical Plant that may not have access to e-mail.  She reminds senators to get the word out to other eligible employees that may work in your areas that do not check e-mail regularly.  Ballots are due to Becky by August 25, 2004.  The committee will meet again on August 26, 2004 to review the ballots.


E: Staff Senate Chair:  Melissa informed the group that she will be attending the PAT meeting in September.  She will also try and schedule a meeting with Greig Mitchell to get an update on Collective Bargaining.




IV.              Old Business:

A.     FUN DAY was discussed.  Melissa said that volunteers will be appreciated.  She is going to have buttons made for those that are present.  Becky, Tom, Byron, Karen, and Melissa all said that they would be there.


B.     Staff Morale was discussed again.  Melissa went over some ideas for improving it that were discussed previously and asked for further suggestions.  Katie Melton suggested a day care on campus.  Judy Lowe inquired about the Gull Guide program and related staff orientation programs.


V.                 New Business:

A.     Judy Lowe suggested that the Progressive Discipline policy should be reviewed—Melissa referred this to the HR/Payroll Committee.

B.     Melissa re-examined the Staff Senate By-laws to try to better understand what a quorum consisted of.  She discovered that the only mention of a quorum refers to it in the context of the committees.  She contacted Dr. Scovell for his interpretation.  He indicated that quorum generally means 1 more then half the group.  Thus, for the executive committee, a quorum would be 7 people.  Melissa noted that the by-laws could be revised at a later time to reflect this.

C.     Melissa introduced Byron Hughes as the new Chair of The University Forum.  The first meeting will be August 31, 2004 at 3:30—location to be determined.

D.     Melissa has arranged for the Staff Senate Officers to meet with the President on September 1, 2004.

E.      The Next meeting of the Staff Senate executive committee will be September 15, 2004 at 9:30 in the Manokin Room.


Motion to adjourn by Tom Lowe, 2nd Brenda Boggs


Submitted by Rebecca Rosing-Johnson, 3rd Chair