July 28, 2004



I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:40. 

In attendance:  Clacie Hubbard, Brenda Boggs, Melissa Thomas, Tom Lowe, Doug Jones, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Katie Melton

Absent: Judy Lowe, Byron Hughes, Jeff Canada, Karen Wilson


II.                  Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved. 



III.                 Chair/Committee Reports

a.       CUSS – Judy Lowe was absent from the meeting but submitted her report ahead of time to Melissa including the minutes of the last CUSS meeting she attended. One of the most important issues Judy wanted to report back on was regarding USM policy VII-11.40 which currently requires that all Contingent II employees with two years of service be converted to a state line/Pin by February 9, 2005. The board of Regents has already changed this once from 2004 to 2005.  The Board of Regents is still encouraging institutions to do the conversions but due to budget restraints is suggesting that the deadline date be eliminated. CUSS is very concerned about this since this policy was implemented a while back. CUSS has said they will work diligently in trying to find out what exactly is going on with this issue. CUSS will meet next at SU on August 24.

b.      Membership – Melissa reported the CUSS alternate is Janine Vienna.  Elections will be taking place for openings on staff senate and forum committees.   

c.       HR/Payroll – Karen Wilson was not here but reported to Melissa she has contacted her committee to coordinate a meeting to discuss the outstanding issues before her committee. Plans on meeting before our next meeting.

d.      Communications – Becky reports nothing to report at this time other than planning on resending the information out on the women’s scholarship information. .

e.       PAT – Melissa reported the PAT is on hiatus for summer.  Melissa did attend Tawes crab feast.  It is not just a social event but a political gathering as well.  SU sent various representatives to the events. Mike Garner for example was speaking to some folks talking up equal funding for SU.  SU lags behind in comparison to other U of M system schools.

IV.                Old Business

a.      Staff Senate Meeting Schedule –Schedule for upcoming year presented.


b.      Election of remaining Staff Senate Executive Officers –

      2nd Chair-Clacie Hubbard

      3rd Chair- Rebeca Rosing-Johnson

c.       Committee Chairs-  Doug Jones will replace Becky effective today as chair of PR/Communications committee chair so she can become 3rd chair. 

d.  Remaining Senators on Staff Senate Committees:

      Byron Hughes – Membership committee

      Tom Jones – PR/Communications

      Katie Melton – PR/Communications

e.       President is looking for suggestions to improve staff morale. Some of the suggestions the group came up with are:

-President have lunch with a department

-Staff Picnic

-Ask President to be more visible to the staff not just to faculty or students

-department switching jobs on campus for the day

-discounted lunches for staff

-separated dining room for staff

V.             New Business

a.       Family Fun Day Participation. Since several members are already participating it was agreed that the staff senate rather than sponsor a booth should volunteer at the fun day. The members can wear a staff senate button which we will have made up so that they are recognized as being from the staff senate.

VI.      Open Discussion/Other Issues: None


Motion to adjourn made by Brenda Boggs.  Second, by Becky Rosing-Johnson.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:10.   


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary