July 9, 2004



I.                   Call to Order:  Brenda Stanley called the meeting to order at 9:35. 
In attendance:  Brenda Stanley, Lucy Hearn, Clacie Hubbard, Katie Melton, Karen Wilson, Gary Grodzicki, Melissa Thomas, Brenda Boggs, Tom Lowe, Rebecca Rosing-Johnson, Judy Lowe, Jeff Canada, and Doug Jones. 
Absent: Joey Faulkner, Byron Hughes, Kathy Pusey, Iva Riggin, Bob Maddux, Jeanette Schadler, and Judy Twilley.


II.                Minutes: Brenda Stanley reviewed the minutes with the group from meetings dated April 23, 2004, May14, 2004, and June 11, 2004.  Changes were noted by 2003-2004 senators. However, a quorum was not present by those members to approve the minutes so the minutes will be sent out for final approval of changes noted.


III.             Chair and Committee Reports:

In addition to any updates, an overview of what each committee is charged with was provided for the attendees. 


A:  CUSS Report:  Judy Lowe explained what CUSS does.  It is the staff’s voice at the University Systems level.  They meet once a month.  They can address all issues affecting staff that is not covered by collective bargaining agreements. It is an important voice for staff to the UM system.  For example, one of the current issues is system wide equity in exempt pay.

SU presently is short (1) CUSS representative. Since we are entitled to have (2) votes on the committee each time an issue arises we are only casting one vote. Staff Senate is going to address this issue.  CUSS meets once a month. They rotate to a different school each month. August is Salisbury’s turn at hosting the CUSS meeting. Melissa will make plans to attend as the Staff Senate Chair and Judy is going to ask President Dudley-Eshbach to stop by as well. 


B:  Staff/HR Report:  Jeff Canada (outgoing chair):  This committee handles issues regarding payroll and human resource issues. Nothing to report since last meeting.


C:  PR/Communications:  Bob Maddux (outgoing chair):  Bob not present.  Brenda explained this committee is actually the channel to insure information is communicated and distributed to the staff.


D:  Membership Committee:  Melissa Thomas (outgoing chair): Melissa explained in addition to staff senate membership and elections committees this committee is also responsible for ensuring staff representation on the University Forum committees as well. Elections were held and new senators now on board and all are present today at there first meeting.


E. Presidents Advisory Team (PAT): Brenda Stanley: Brenda reported           COLA/Merit took effect July 1 across board.  She has not heard back yet as to whether there will be a 10% tuition increase in the fall or not. She is still a member of the Town Gown Council. They will be having SU Day on September 18, 2004.  Recommends Staff Senate sponsor a booth and show a presence at the event.  Brenda also reports the new Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Institutional Diversity has been hired. His name is Kevin Carreathers. His office will be located in Holloway Hall. 


IV.              Old Business:

A.     Brenda Stanley brought up the approval of University Forum ByLaws.  Changes were read aloud and discussed.  Motioned to approve was made by Melissa Thomas.  2nd by Gary Grodzicki.  Motion approved.

B.     An issue was brought up by a staff person bringing to the attention of a senator of job postings going into newspapers or going out externally before internal personnel have the opportunity to apply for these positions or even made aware of openings.  Human Resources was contacted, but no clear answer or policy seem to be in place regarding this issue.  It was recommended that this be forwarded to the payroll/human resource committee of the senate to follow up on this problem and report back.

C.     Lee Ann Shull sent out an email regarding annual scholarships for women in the University System.  It now includes monies for staff to attend conferences as well. Brenda recommended that the PR committee send out an email reminding staff members to apply for the monies and not miss out on the opportunity.


V.                 New Business

Melissa Thomas officially took over the meeting as the new Staff Senate Chair.


A.  Meeting Attendance:  Melissa explained the importance of attendance   at the meetings and the meaning of quorum.  In our meetings it would require that 9 of the 12 senators be present to vote on any items.


B.  Officer Vacancies: There are still officers on the Executive Committee open. The chair is Melissa. 2nd chair is open, 3rd chair/ webmaster is open, Secretary is open, CUSS Representative is Judy Lowe with one opening. Melissa discussed an overview of each position and asked for volunteers to fill the openings. 

Lucy Hearn volunteered for Secretary.  Judy Lowe motioned to accepted. Brenda Boggs 2nd. Motioned carried. 

Everyone will think about the positions and decide next meeting on the remaining officer vacancies.  

The committees also have Chair positions open.  Melissa asked for volunteers to serve as chair.  Karen Wilson volunteered to serve as Payroll/Human Resource Committee Chair.  Lucy Hearn motioned to

Approve. Brenda Boggs 2nd.  Motion approved. 

Rebeca Rosing-Johnson volunteered to serve as PR/Communication Chair.  Brenda Stanley motioned to approve. Jeff Canada 2nd.  Motion Approved.

The remaining Membership and Elections committee Chair will automatically be filled by the 3rd Chair of the Staff Senate.

Melissa mentioned that at committees 2/3 of committee members are needed and present for votes. Lucy Hearn asked how often committees should meet. Melissa said committees such as membership/elections would meet during those times only when elections were being held or as needed. The PR/Communications would meet as information would need to get out to the campus or as information warranted. However, the Payroll/Human Resources Committee being one of the most important should be meeting on a regular basis.


C.  Roberts Rules of Order: Melissa brought up the procedures of Roberts Rules of Orders.  This is the procedural aspect of how all our meetings and committee meetings should follow.  She is going to contact Paul Scovell in the Communications Arts department to speak to us on this subject to give us an overview so they we can conduct our meetings according to protocol.    


D.  Schedule of Meetings:  Discussion was held on changing the date of meetings from Friday mornings to a different day or time. Wednesday at 9:30 was the day and time that seem to be best for everyone.  The executive committee will meet every three weeks.  Becky Rosing-Johnson motioned to approve the new day and time. Brenda Boggs 2nd. Motion approved.


VI.              Open Discussion/Other Issues:  No additional issues at this time

Issues for next meeting: Employee Morale Issues.


Next staff meeting will be July 28, 2004 at 9:30


Motion to adjourn by Jeff Canada, 2nd Brenda Boggs. 


Respectfully Submitted

Lucy Hearn, Secretary