June 22, 2005



I.                     Call to Order: Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:40A.M.

In attendance: Lucy Hearn, Karen Wilson, Melissa Thomas, Jeff Canada Brenda Boggs, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Clacie Hubbard,

Absent: Byron Hughes, Doug Jones. Amy Sine, Katie Melton, Judy Lowe


II.                  Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve April minutes by Brenda. Motion carried.

Motion to approve May minutes by Becky. Motion carried.


III.               Chair/Committee Reports:

a.       CUSS Clacie Hubbard reported updates from the May CUSS meeting. The Governor had vetoed the increase to minimum wage bill. Non-Exempt salary structure has been revised. For more details on last CUSS meeting as well as other important other CUSS issues:

b.      Membership Becky Rosing-Johnson reported the election results are in and notifications will be going out shortly. See Staff Senate website for election results.


c.       PR/Communications- Doug Jones no report



d.      Payroll/Human Resources Karen Wilson reported she is going to set up a meeting to follow up with training requests she received. Karen said she also followed up with Donna Keener regarding any possible Exempt reclassifications to non-exempt. Donna said HR is still reviewing the position descriptions and this is still a work in progress. No time table is in place.



e.       President- Melissa Thomas reported she followed up with Greig Mitchell regarding a letter for the contingent conversion process. The senate is requesting that a letter be provided to all contingents eligible for conversion and their expected date of conversion according to the current USM policy.





V.            Old Business:

a. Staff Picnic The staff picnic is scheduled for July 27 11:30 to 2:30. It will be catered. There will be an evening event for night shift.

VI.             New Business:

a.      Officers and Chairmanships of Senate Committees for 2005 2006

Clacie Hubbard will be President. Lucy Hearn said she would stay on as secretary. Doug Jones was staying on as PR/Communications chair. Karen Wilson was staying on as Human Resources/Payroll committee chair.



VII. Other Business/Announcements:

a. Next meeting is at 9:30 A.M. on July 13, 2005, in the Pocomoke Rm, GUC




Motion to adjourn made by Brenda Boggs, Karen Wilson second.

Meeting Adjourned 1045


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary