Staff Senate Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2005


I.                   Call To Order: Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:38am

In Attendance: Amy Sine, Karen Wilson, Melissa Thomas, Doug Jones, Judy Lowe, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Katie Melton

Absent: Byron Hughes, Jeff Canada, Lucy Hearn, Clacie Hubbard, Brenda Boggs

Special Guest: Ellen Zinner



II.                Minutes:  Melissa Thomas requested that several points in the March 30, 2005 minutes, be clarified

a.       HR is committed to the open search process.  We will request that notification of open positions at the University be sent out to the entire campus. 

b.      Dr. Zinner's comments were misrepresented – No one should be given preferential treatment as this would be a violation of the law.

c.       If a contingent staff member has questions regarding their start date (duty date) and whether they are eligible for conversion, based on the Board of Regents Policy, they may call HR.

Melissa suggested that from now on, 4 people will review the minutes before they are sent out on campus and posted on the web in draft form.  They are the Chair, 3rd Chair, as well as Senators on the PR/Communications committee.

The March 30, 2005 minutes were then approved with the understanding that those corrections would be made.  Amy Sine motioned to approve, Becky Rosing-Johnson seconded.


III.             Committee Reports: 

a.       Cuss Report: Clacie was not present to give the report.  Melissa will ask her to send it by e-mail.


b.      Membership/Elections: Becky reported that the nominations are slowly coming in.  She expressed concern that several people are nominating themselves for the same committees, yet there are many open seats on other committees.  Melissa suggested that the committee discuss contacting these people and discussing various opportunities for other committees.  (Further discussion will take place.)

Melissa also suggested contacting new hires. This may be a group that is interested in getting involved in Staff Senate—the committee will discuss this as well.  Starting off on committees would let them know more about our shared governance structure.


Becky thanked Doug and Katie for sending out the PR piece relating to                             Staff Senate and the nominations.  Becky will re-send the e-mail today.


c.       PR/Communications:  Doug indicated that he and Katie met and discussed the Staff Picnic Survey.  They stressed that it went out to all staff members. He also re-iterated that they sent out the e-mail for Staff Senate nominations.

Ellen asked if the committee would put together an e-mail about the reception for Board of Regents award winners.

d.      Payroll/HR: Karen sent Melissa a draft of an e-mail the committee would like to send out regarding staff development ideas.  Melissa will review e-mail and then send to PR/Communications Committee for staff-wide distribution.


IV.              Staff Picnic

Katie went over some of the results of the survey and a general discussion took place amongst the Executive Committee.  Many ideas were shared and debated, such as food, entertainment, time of summer, time of day, games/events, and whether or not to do a raffle. The members of the committee are to do some further research, with caterers in the area, as to what they can provide for $6.50/person.  The committee will meet with Ellen Zinner before the next Staff Senate meeting.



V.                 Old Business:

Bylaw modifications:  A meeting of senators working on the Bylaw modifications will meet on May 6, 2006.



VI.              New Business: 

a.       Melissa  reported that the Search Committee, for the University Police position, has asked that a member of the Staff Senate serve on the committee.  Judy Lowe and Amy Sine both expressed interest in sitting on the committee.

b.      Women’s Forum:

The next meeting of the Women’s Forum is being held at S.U.  Ellen expressed that she has more volunteers to attend, then available seats.  She asked if the Staff Senate wanted to be involved in the selection process.  The Executive Committee agreed that we did not want to take on that responsibility, and recommended that the selection process be random, as it is now.

c.       Byron Hughes, the University Forum Chair, has asked Melissa to review the 2 seats that Staff Senate members are required to hold on the Forum Executive Committee.  The Chair of the Staff Senate is automatically required to serve, but another Staff Senate member is supposed to serve as well.     


Motion to adjourn—Judy Lowe

Doug Jones seconded