March 30, 2005


I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:40A.M. 

In attendance: Lucy Hearn, Karen Wilson, Melissa Thomas, Judy Lowe, Katie Melton, Doug Jones, Clacie Hubbard, Amy Sine

Absent:  Byron Hughes, Jeff Canada, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Brenda Boggs


Special Guests: Dr.Ellen Zinner, Alan Selser


II.                  Approval of Minutes:  

March 9, 2005 minutes Ė Judy Lowe motioned to approve minutes. Motion carried.  


III.               Discussion of Survey Results:

Melissa Thomas introduced Dr Ellen Zinner, who was attending the meeting on behalf of the President to discuss the results of the Staff Incentive Survey.

        Melissa mentioned that even though rewards were not listed in the survey they did come up as feedback in the survey.  Ellen said that the President would like to explore different reward programs, possibly leaving it up to each division or vice president, recognizing that each individual might think something is special to them. For example a parking space for a week or lunch for their department.

        Ellen stated the President is already working on a picnic for faculty and staff. It is tentatively scheduled for week the before school starts, when faculty are back, from 11:30 to 12:45 in Wicomico Room. It will have hot dogs, hamburgers, music. The issue was raised that there is a concern by Staff Senate that this was not fair to staff members such as Dining Services that have to work the picnic. Ellen suggested that maybe UMES could work our picnic. Also there were previous discussions within the staff senate that were raised with Ellen that the staff may want to have their own picnic separate from faculty. Staff Senate had thought of holding something off site and on a Saturday so all staff could attend and no staff would have to work the event. Ellen said she did not think it would be a problem. The money was there and if we wanted to use it for a different location the President would just have an event for the faculty. Some of the suggestions were a picnic at Winterplace Park, SU staff night at Shorebird Stadium in the Picnic Area, Jolly Roger Theme Park or renting out Hebron Carnival site for the afternoon. Ellen suggested the Staff Senate do a survey to see if they wanted to have a separate picnic. She did not want to have the staff feeling isolated and not part of the community. Ellen asked the three current senators working on the picnic to join her picnic committee. They are Katie Melton, Rebecca Rosing-Johnson and Clacie Hubbard.  Melissa Thomas asked Amy Sine to join the committee as well.

        Ellen also discussed the issue of comp time which was on the survey. She said after investigating the issue further this is a USM policy that SU cannot change. It does not appear we will get comp time back.

        President is not willing to have open office hours because many complaints brought to her should be handled within the department.

        Recognition the President says yes, yes, yes

        Ellen suggested that HR be committed to looking at all internal candidates first and be given at least an interview.

        President is going to be discussing with VPís that every day she is here is a day she is not on the road discussing and promoting SU. She looks to the Provost as the person running the campus day to day.

        According to Public Safety the policy for Lost and Found is that a department can hold something for one week then it should go to Public Safety. They will not take food or dirty clothes.


IV      Financial Report:

Melissa Thomas introduced Alan Selser /Associate Budget Officer who gave a Fiscal update.

        One of the most important issues Alan spoke about is the contingent conversions. There are currently 46 contingent II employees eligible for conversion under the USM recent guidelines. There are other Contingent II employees but they are either funded by grants or other sources than state money and are not eligible for conversion. One employee is eligible this year and will not convert since they are already covered under a State pension. If budget monies allow SU may try and convert some Contingent II earlier than the schedule calls for in the USM plan. If a staff member has questions regarding their duty-date or if they are eligible for conversion, they may call HR. A decision would have to made between now and May 1 for the PINís to be effective July 1.

        Stateís current budget proposal is calling for a 1.5 percent COLA and 2.5 percent merit. That all depends on what finally passes in Annapolis.


V. Other Business/Announcements:

Melissa said all other business will be discussed at our next meeting.


Our next meeting will be held on 4/20/05 in GC-Pocomoke Room at 9:30AM.       


VI.   Motion to adjourn made by Katie Melton, Amy Sine second.

Meeting Adjourned 1120


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary