March 9, 2005



I.                     Call to Order:  Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:35A.M. 

In attendance: Lucy Hearn, Karen Wilson, Melissa Thomas, Jeff Canada, Brenda Boggs, Judy Lowe, Katie Melton, Becky Rosing-Johnson, Doug Jones, Clacie Hubbard, Amy Sine

Absent:  Byron Hughes


II.                  Approval of Minutes:  

                   a. December 8, 2004 - Brenda moved, motion passed.

b. January 5, 2005 - Brenda moved, motion passed

                   c. February 2, 2005 – Amy Sine moved, motion passed


III.               Chair/Committee Reports:

a.  CUSS – Judy Lowe reported CUSS is very concerned about health care co-pays and percentages for staff going up. For example, currently employees pay an 80/20 ratio with the state picking up 80% of the health care premiums. There are discussions going on to raise that to a 70/30 ratio. This would raise the staff share of the ratio up by 10% for health care. This is in addition to the increases already set to take place for co-pays in office visits and prescriptions. CUSS is voicing their opposition to these increases but encourage all staff to contact their local government representatives as well to express their concern against rising increases for staff at SU. Judy also reported that SU had 3 winners in the recent Regents Staff awards. It was the best finish ever for SU in the Regents Award’s.

b. Membership –Becky Rosing-Johnson spoke about upcoming staff elections. She said the bylaws currently call for elections to be spread out over several months. Becky suggested we should combine the elections into one event and get everything taken care of at one time. The membership committee will be meeting soon to discuss this and the upcoming elections.

c. PR/Communications –Doug Jones – Staff survey was given to the President. It was well received by the President. She is reviewing the results with her staff.

d. HR/Payroll – Karen Wilson discussed ways of seeking suggestions for staff development to forward to Lee Ann Shull.

e. President – Melissa Thomas reported that the open staff meeting went well. I. Open Staff Meeting – President Dudley-Eshbach opened the meeting and to the delight of all said the picnic would be back in some form. She gave some updates on the legislative session and SU funding. Greig Mitchell spoke and gave a budget update. SU is hoping to expedite the contingent conversion schedule if monies allow this year. Depending on the final passage of the legislative budget there currently is a COLA and a merit increase in this years proposed budget.

II. Community Dialogue – Amy Sine- Amy went to the Town Gown meeting and said overall it was fairly well received. The dialogue was good. Some of the neighbors still expressed concerns over student issues but were glad the forum exists to work on problem as a community.

III. PAT Meeting- Clacie Hubbard – President spoke on budget. April 9 is “Big Event” Students are going out in the community and helping out. Air Wave update. WSCL is changing format. Students FM station is going live. Live near you work program. Salisbury Neighborhood Housing runs the program. They will be on campus on two upcoming dates. Contact Lee Ann Shull for more information. This program offers assistance in purchasing a home in certain areas in Salisbury.

IV                Old Business:      

            a. Staff incentive survey results (attach survey results)         

V.             New Business:

a.      Modifications to Bylaws- Melissa ask that the senators review the by laws for committee memberships, any drawbacks to election time frames, and the section in the by-laws that discusses CUSS.


VI. Other Business/Announcements:


Our next meeting will be held on 3/30/05 in FH-Dean’s Conference Room at 9:30AM.      


VII.   11:05 A.M. Motion to adjourn made by Brenda Boggs, Judy Lowe second.

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Hearn, Secretary